Tips for Shooting in Low Light Without a Full-Sized Tripod – Video Tutorial


Shooting in low light without a full-sized tripod can be tricky to do and get a sharp image. In this short video from Adorama TV, Gavin Hoey goes over several things you can do to help you in this situation.

Low light photography tips

Some of the things he mentions in the video include:

  • Using image stabilization
  • Use a large aperture
  • Choose a higher ISO
  • Making the camera stable
  • Using the self-timer

Editor’s note: Ironically, I was just in London in May and got a pretty similar shot to what Gavin shows in the video. I did, however, use a full-sized tripod. But notice how both his shots and mine are really purple? Interesting, thought it was just the light that night – apparently, London is purple. 

Darlene’s image of London bridge, taken with a tripod.

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