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Tips for Selecting and Doing a Successful Photography Project

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, can’t find anything to shoot, or just need to get shooting – here are some videos to help you select an idea and get started doing a personal photography project.

The importance of doing a photography project

Photographer Matt Day talks about the importance of doing a personal photography project and gives you some ideas and direction to get started in this video.

5 Reasons why you should do a photography project

Adam from First Man Photography has five good reasons why you should start a photography project:

    1. Find direction – break out of a rut.
    2. Improve your photography.
    3. Build a social media following.
    4. Challenge yourself – get out of your comfort zone.
    5. It’s fun!

The most important ASPECT of doing a photography project

In this short video, COOPH founder Ulrich Grill shows you five things you need for a successful photo shoot or project. They follow the acronym A.S.P.E.C.T. – can you guess what they are? If not, go ahead and watch the video now.

  • A – atmosphere
  • S – shadows
  • P – positioning
  • E – energy
  • C – contrast
  • T – timing

Still need some help starting a photography project? Try these dPS articles for more tips.

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