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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums | Four Elements

Sorry I’m a little late with our “From The Forums” assignment post this week! It’s been a fun week to say the least!

This week our assignment was “The Four Elements” where you had to take at least two of water, earth, fire and air.

Let me get STRAIGHT to the point! Our winner this week is JonSim Congratulations, Jon-Sim!


We'll All Float On by Jon-SimWulf Say’s : 3 points: earth (slightly kicked up) and water are obvious and air is clearly conveyed by the flock of birds in flight. If it had been my shot, I might have argued for fire in the energy of the action too! That flock of birds makes the shot verge on the surreal but the best detail is that they man is dressed in the same colours as the seagulls, even down to brown(ish) feet.

Bruce-A takes second spot with his beach photograph, my personal fave for this week! [maybe I’ve been there!]  “Beach Soccer”

Beach Soccer form BAN Photography“I like Bruce’s attempt to include all four elements, including air (by the haziness of the background) and fire (by the heat of the sun, implied by golden colours and the activities and dress of the people).”

And third place goes to ExDeltaLady for her lovely photograph of the four elements…

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums | Four ElementsSaralonde say’s : Foggy air that can be seen and frozen water, that’s two. That clear blue sky over the snow made me feel cold. Compositionally, I liked the large negative space, although it seems a little closely cropped at the bottom.

Congratulations to all of our winners, thank you for thinking about the topic this week! Don’t forget! There’s still time to win our entire eBook suite with the thinkTankPhoto IN A BAG competition (Free to enter, all welcome) and we’ll see you back here next week for “THE BEATLES”

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