This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (8-14 May '11)

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (8-14 May ’11)


Weekly Assignment

This week we celebrated Mothers in our weekly assignment. Mothers often hold a special place in our hearts, so this week it was a challenge to show us just that.

Our winner this week was pangeet‘s photograph of a mother teaching her child to brush their teeth. And it is true that mothers are often our first teachers. This shot shows a nice interaction between the subjects.

Our first runner up was imagebox67‘s “Nanay” which means mother. Once again, this one shows nice interaction between the subjects and has an almost candid feel to it.


And last, but not least was rosserx‘s “maternal”. This shot speaks of motherhood in two ways. First, the sculpture itself depicts a mother and child. But more importantly, this was a gift to rosserx from his mother. If you’re interested in the full story you can read it on the forums.


Fathers are our latest assignment. Let’s not forget dads and what they mean to us. Perhaps a trip to a local park may help you get some pictures of young fathers playing with their children. It doesn’t need to be a portrait. Maybe you’d like to photograph something that belonged to your father or something that brings back memories. As always, a quick reminder of the rules. First, your photo must have been taken between 4 – 18 May 2011. Second, your post must include the word “Fathers” and the date the photo was taken. Finally, your EXIF should be intact, and it’s helpful if you can include some of the main points, such as camera, lens, aperture, shutter speed, etc.

Next week’s assignment will be Sadness. It’s almost too easy to take a cheerful, happy shot, so this assignment topic is a little more difficult. People are the obvious subjects, but places and thinks can also evoke the feeling. Can you bring this emotion through your image? Best of luck everyone!

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Some Older Comments

  • kolawole a. jimoh May 18, 2011 09:16 pm

    i need to improve my photography skills.pls help

  • Grant D. Taylor May 15, 2011 03:35 am

    These are really good. A lot of interaction in the first two images. The third image has some stunning lighting. There is a lot of emotion in these images and they all very nicely fit the theme of mother. Love the use of still life for a typically portrait subject.