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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment  *Sorry for the late posting folks, I was cooking!!*

This Week in the Digital Photography School ForumsThis week we finished the kelleyrie with the American Dream – Magic, well done!

The American DreamDay DreamerThis week’s assignment is Sleep. It just seemed right at the time, Saralonde asked “What should our assignment be fore next week, and, as I’d been doing some very long evenings in the run up to the forum redesign (Which I hope you”ll all agree is just great!) My immediate and unwavering reply was “Sleep!” As usual, there are a few rules for you to qualify to win. Your photo must have been taken between 7 Jan, 2009 – 21 January 2009, your post must include the words “Assignment: Sleep” and the date the photo was taken, and your EXIF should be intact with the main points in your post. Next week’s assignment will be “High ISO”.

Hot Threads

  • Share Your Shots part of our forum calling for people to submit their still life pictures. Whether still life is one of your main types of photography or you’re new to arranging your pictures, come join in the thread and share your still life shots.
  • Who else is “shy” about their photography?: One thing that we often have to overcome as photographers is shyness. Sometimes we’re too shy to be in front of the camera so we choose to be behind it. However, if you let your shyness impact whether or not you take a pictures you may miss out on lots of opportunities. So if you’re shy or you’ve had to overcome your shyness, why not come offer some tips in the forum thread.
  • How do you save your photos?: Digital photography means a lot of pictures since it’s much cheaper and faster than film. However, what do you do with all these photos? Do you save them all? Do you print them? Put them in books? Save them to CD/DVDs? How do you save all your photos?
  • What Would You Do (#81): What would you do is back, alive and kicking. This week’s challenge is a special one thanks to an idea by one of our members to use a particular public domain picture to see what you would do with it. Drop by our weekly post processing thread and try your hand at editing it.

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