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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (5 Apr – 11 Apr 09)

Weekly Assignment

Grandad's Guiding Hand (by malcyL)Wisdom is something that we would all like to have, and was also the topic of the asterismos and a cracking shot through a magnifying glass… And, I guess it’s true “Wisdom would be easier to find if it was magnified”

Magnified by asterismosPearls of Wisdom by macroMeThis week our assignment may be easier for some than others with the theme being “In the City“. It could be just a step outside your door or it could mean a little travel for some, but we’d like to see your taken on “In the City” whatever that means to you. Whether you’re new to the assignments or have been doing them for ages, there are a few rules to remember. First, your image must have been taken between 1 April – 15 April 2009. Second, your post must include the words “Assignment: In the City” and the date the picture was taken. Finally, your EXIF should be intact and it helps if you can include the main points such as camera, lens, ISO, shutter speed and aperture in the text of your message. Next week’s assignment will be ” Natural Light Portraits” a great assignment. Try to teach yourselves something about how the light hits your subject and show us by way of your photo.

Hot Threads

  • Anyone up for a DPS 365 day project?: I have realised that I am not actually challenging myself with my photography. Even though I have the passion, I find that I take pictures only during the odd weekend outing and these turn out to be “snap shot” style as I don’t take the time to think about composition and creativity because I don’t want to bore the people I go out with This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (5 Apr - 11 Apr 09) So, I thought a 365 day challenge will help me to improve. Only issue is that I need support – I know I am not going to be able to keep doing it everyday if I don’t have a group of people to kick my backside
  • Photographing animals: I’m doing a photography course right now, as part of my media degree; and as our final assignment due in May, we have to do a portfolio of ten pictures. I’m thinking of photographing my cat, he’s a good subject as he likes to pose and easy to work with.
  • link here and give us your favourite photo tip in 350 words or less. You can only submit 1 tip per person, so make it your best! – WINNERS ANNOUNCED SHORTLY!
  • Am I Too Young to Charge?: When are you old enough to be working as a photographer? Is it when you’re good enough or is it when you’re old enough to legally be able to enter into contracts? Come offer your advice in this thread for what a new and young photographer can do to help get started.
  • What Would You Do: Nearly every week we run a post-processing thread where you can edit the photo of another forum member and show us your take on the post-processing. It doesn’t matter what level of skill your post-processing is at and it doesn’t matter what program you use, you just have to want to show us how you process things.

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