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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment

tree stump_1 (by justlookin40m)

This week’s assignment was Hebe for his wide-angle shot of the moored ship. Both of these shots really seemed to suit the monochrome idea really well.

little feet (by Litchi)Not a good day for sailing (by hebedesign)This week’s assignment is Construction. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, the image needs to have been taken between 5-18 March 2008, the exif must be in tact, and you must include “Assignment: Construction” somewhere in your post. Next week’s assignment will be Panning.

Weekly Poll


This week, we asked forum users about whether they used flash or natural light more often. There was a huge number of people who preferred natural light, but some people preferred using flashes.

Tiberius said “reading Strobist has shown me how valuable flash is not only for balancing light, but to make a photo more dynamic.”

dmvp said that “I almost always use natural light, but when I’m taking snapshots of family then I’ll use my built-in flash.”

And finally, one of the many people who uses natural light, Marmalade said Natural light for me – in So. Cal. it’s seems to be sunny all the time. I don’t have and external flash for this camera and I hate my tiny built in flash. I either bump up the iso or I use ghetto lighting for my indoor shots. I do have studio lights but I have not had a chance to set them up yet. And I use the big mass of incandescent gas, in the sky, for my outdoor shots.”

This week, come tell us which focal lengths you use most often and why (and check out the free Windows program that can show you a graph of this).

Hot Threads

  • Please share your *favorite* shot: It’s hard to pick your favourite shot. Or maybe it’s not if you have only one that you’re really proud of. KodiakStar asks you to come and share your favourite shot and tell us all why it’s your favourite shot if you’re in a sharing mood. It’s a great way to look back and see the improvements that your photography has made.
  • 50mm Prime only challenge thread: This lens has to be one of the most talked about lenses around. The 50mm has been a standard for years, and now it’s one of the first lenses that gets recommended to new photographers. This thread’s challenge is to show off your pictures taken with any 50mm prime lens. It’s a great place for people considering buying a 50mm too.
  • airports and cameras: With all the various restrictions and safety measures associated with flying, how do you take your camera gear with you? Check out this thread for some good information about how to travel, what to carry, and whether or not all the x-rays will harm your camera.
  • The strange things people do when they see you out taking pictures: We’ve all grown to accept that as photographers we do strange things to get the shot that we want. But as Nobie said, there are some people “that just can’t understand why somebody is lying on their belly, taking a shot of a rusty fire hydrant in the middle of downtown rush hour.” So, what is the strangest thing you’ve seen people do when they realize you’re taking photos? Come share here and read some of the funny stories.
  • How to stop blown out clouds?: Spring is coming, people in the northern hemisphere are starting to wander outside again, but that means that there will be bright skies and clouds. So what’s the trick to stopping blown-out clouds in your photos? Check this thread for some hints and tips about getting that perfect sky for your picture.

Other Threads to Note

It’s also another week of Classic Rock Challenge is back and better than ever. This week’s album is Fleetwood Mac’s “Bare Trees”. The goal of the Classic Rock Challenge is to take the album title or a song title and interpret it with a photo. Rock on!

Until next week, keep shooting!

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