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Welcome to another week in the forum! First a big congrats to everyone who won in last month’s contest. And a thank you to everyone else who has helped make the forum a great place to learn.

Weekly Assignment

Purple Carnation (by Bumblebee Bruin)First things first, this week we finished the Kairos for his picture of Hastings pier in the UK which showed a beautiful sunset without the aid of any post-processing. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s challenge!

Hastings pier.Uk. No post processing. (by kairos44)IMG_8614 (by zillygal_photos)Our current assignment, Rivers, is in progress, so go find those babbling brooks and running rivers and take some pictures. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, your picture needs to have been taken between 13-26 February 2008, the exif must still be in tact, and your post must include “Assignment:Rivers” somewhere in the post so that we know that you want your picture to be included in the judging process. Next week’s assignment will be Shadows.

Weekly Poll

CameratypeLast week we asked people what type of camera they use. This wasn’t about Canon or Nikon, but rather the general type of camera. Most of our forum members are using dSLRs, but a good number of people are also using point & shoots and bridge cameras. And what was good to see in this poll is that people are generally happy with the camera’s they’re using.

dcarso41 said, “The Panasonic Lumix, DMC-LZ4, I have now is a good user friendly point and shoot for beginners with lots of pre-arranged photo setups. But for a beginner like me it doesn’t offer enough manual freedom to advance as broadly as I imagine I could. Baby steps….. for now.”

aramil said, “I am using a Fujifilm S5700, which has manual options so I suppose it is a bridge camera. I am happy with it for now, ‘specially since I am just getting into photography. And I do like the darn thing. It is sturdy and reliable and so far has taken some good images, still though I wish it had the Face Detection technology.”

And finally, Taallyn said, I have a Nikon D80 DSLR, some lenses, a flash and other stuff. I love all of the versatility and options it gives me when shooting. Sometimes I use it like a point and shoot, but most of the time I’m shooting in full manual to get the most control I can out of it. Its biggest drawback is that it is big and I need a backback/slingbag to carry it around.”

This week, tell us if you have any of your own pictures hanging in our house and drop by the thread and show us your wall.

Hot Threads

  • Full Frame Advantage?: This thread is asking exactly what it says. Many digital cameras have crop sensors rather than full frame ones. This means that the area that you can see is smaller than it would be with a full frame sensor. But what real advantages do full frame sensors offer?
  • Let’s see the full shot your avatar came from: Most of us use some kind of picture by our names in the forum. Sometimes these pictures are cropped, sometimes they are shrunken down, sometimes they are actual size. Why not drop by this thread and show us just what the whole picture looks like.
  • Kitten Photography 101: Any thread that ends the list of gear needed with “Cell phone w/ nearest hospital on speed dial” has potential for a laugh or two. Try this thread for 7 entertaining steps to perfect kitten photography. Just make sure to have some bandaids handy if you’re going to try it yourself.
  • Lisa in High Key: Benji, a prolific poster on another forum dropped by to offer some examples and explanations of high key photography. If you’ve ever wondered what it is, or how to make it work for your subjects, why not stop and have a read of this thread.
  • The February Eclipse: Ok, this one is not a single thread, but there were a lot of threads about the eclipse that took place last week. So click through some of these search results to see the eclipse. It’s definitely a sight to see!

Other Threads to Note

And finally, we have another week of What Would You Do. These are our weekly post-processing threads where you get a chance to edit another forum member’s photograph each week. You can practice your editing skills, show off your editing skills, or just have some fun with it. In fact, this week’s edits have been a lot of fun so far, so drop by this thread and join in the fun!

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