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First things first, thanks to everyone who’s stuck through us with the problems that were encountered with the forum earlier this week. We’re pretty sure that the problem has been found and fixed, so fingers crossed it’s smooth sailing from here on in.

Weekly Assignment

Dev Drawing Scorpion (by Mike&Nic)Now, on to the winners of this week’s assignment. Our assignment this week was shaddrakk for “the I’s have it” a clever little picture which goes outside the traditional “eyes” idea. Well done everyone!

the eye (by arkiss)This week also started our newest assignment, Seasons. It doesn’t matter if you’re freezing under 2 feet of snow or if you’re out surfing at the beach, grab the camera and take a shot that shows us your season. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, your photo needs to have been taken between 30 January – 13 February 2008, you must include the words “Assignment:Seasons” in your post somewhere, and the exif needs to still be in tact. Next week’s assignment is “Straight from the Camera”. This means *no* post-procesing aside from cropping and resizing for our 600px on the longest side guideline. Like the assignment says, it should be straight out of the camera (so you might want to turn on jpg for this assignment if you shoot RAW!).

Weekly Poll

Well, there wasn’t a weekly poll this week, so I’ve borrowed someone else’s poll in the forum. Back in January, agentsolutions asked how many people had photoblogs. Recently this thread got revived. So, I thought I’d share a few of the photoblogs that some of our forum members have and shared in the thread.

I hope that some of these will inspire those of you who haven’t started a photoblog to consider doing so, or at least help give some photographic inspiration to some of you.

This week there’s a weekly poll again! This week we want to know which tripod head do you prefer: ball or pan/tilt?

Hot Threads

  • Gorillapod: Have you ever used a Gorillapod? They are these nifty little tripods that wrap around things, kind of like gorillas. Come share your experience if you’ve used one of these and help someone decide if it might be the right piece of gear to buy.
  • Do people ask to use your camera?: Another one of those self-explanatory questions, but what do you do when someone asks to use your camera? Do you let them use it? Do you try not to growl at them while you quietly call your camera “My precioussssss”? So what do you do when someone asks the inevitable?
  • If you could recomend 5 things: What 5 things would you recommend to someone who is new to taking pictures that you would consider the best bang for their buck? This thread is filled with short lists of things to help your photography thanks to some forum members. Why not stop by if you’re looking for some extra help, or you want to tell us about your own list of 5 things?
  • peeper paper project: This “How I Took It” thread shows us how peeperita one of our critique moderators took some pictures using only paper and a camera. Well, it was pictures of paper, but who would figure that such an ordinary item could be so beautiful in pictures.
  • What’s more important: Is it knowing how to compose a shot, having better camera equipment, or having good processing software? This is one of those types of threads that comes up a lot, but the question always brings out some discussion. Why not drop by and put in your opinion about what makes a great photograph?

Other Threads to Note

I think that Digidave has been snowed in, so this week there is no new Classic Rock Challenge, but there’s still 13 other previous ones that you can participate in if you’re looking for a way to spend some time taking pictures. There is a new What Would You Do thread though. The goal of these threads is to use the picture given in the first post, edit it, and come back and share with us your results and how you got them. This lets people see a different perspective on how their picture could look. Why not drop by and give your post-processing skills a work-out?

Finally, this is the last week of the contest where every genuine post you make until February 14, 2008 enters you into a contest where one person will win a new camera and 5 runners up will win either a book or a set of rechargeable batteries. Good luck!

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Nicole is a DPS Forum moderator and keen photographer from New Zealand. See her Flickr account.

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