Facebook Pixel This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (3-9 May 09)

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (3-9 May 09)

Weekly Assignment

mmm...beer (by photoboothguy)

Canon XSi | 1/100s | f/8 | ISO 100

This week we got a chance to see what forum members do in our srt‘s unique, vintage looking Windex ad. The vintage processing really matched the idea and went well with the dated view of “a woman’s place”. Well done everyone!

Hard at Work... (by pinky09)Housework Rocks! (by Skye.R.T)This week we also started our the assignment thread. Next week’s assignment is “Ghetto Lighting”. In that assignment you need to use artificial light that you have on hand, so long as it isn’t strobes, flashes, professional lighting, or full sunlight. Get creative with lighting on a budget! This assignment will also be tied to the next assignment, so make sure to have a try!

Hot Threads

  • One eye or Both eyes?: Maybe you’re right-eyed, maybe you’re left-eyed. Which eye is your dominant eye and do you photograph with one eye open or both eyes open? Come tell us which, and why (if you have a reason).
  • Lens Hood: Why, When, How?: Lens hoods are often recommended instead of UV filters to protect lenses, but why should you use one? And when? And how?
  • Most helpful photography book you have ever read: Photography books can be useful, but there are so many out there that it’s hard to decide which ones are really worth buying. Come share your recommendations for useful photography books with us over in the forum.
  • Why does the red turn neon green like this?: One thing that can happen, especially in night photography, is that colours will not show up quite the way that you originally saw them. But how you tell what is causing the problem? Some forum members share possible causes, but come contribute your own thoughts if you’ve had problems like this.
  • What Wold you Do: What Would You Do is our weekly post-processing thread where forum members get a chance to edit the photos of other forum members however they would like. It’s a chance to show off your post-processing skills or help to build them. Whether you use Picasa or Photoshop, Picnik or Gimp, you’re welcome to participate.

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