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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

The holiday season is upon us, but why not take a few minutes to read what’s been going on in the forums this week?

Weekly Assignment

Reflections at T3 (by M@ndy)We finished another assignment this week, and it was Jen473 for her picture of a pine cone on a mirror that reflected the wintery weather.

reflections (by jen473)Eye Of The Beholder (by pkd14u)We also started a new assignment this week, which has started just in time for the holiday season. Our most recent assignment is Holiday Lights. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, you need to have taken the picture between 5-18 December 2007, you must include “Assignment: Holiday Lights” somewhere in your post, and the exif must be in tact. If you haven’t photographed holiday lights before, make sure to check out the first post in this thread for a few hints and tips about how to do it. Next week’s assignment will be Warmth, so if you were out in the cold trying to show us reflections last week, here’s your chance to bundle up and show us just what you think warmth is.

Weekly Poll

This week we asked forum users whether they use manual or auto ISO when shooting, and also asked people what the most frequent ISO they use is.

Lots of forum users said that they choose the ISO themselves, but don’t worry if you don’t because there are still some people who are happy to let the camera handle that detail. There’s no right or wrong way to do it.

Teewinot admitted that she uses auto ISO and said, “I have to admit that even though I’ve been stretching my manual repertoire of late (shutter speed, aperture, WB, focus, etc.), I have never manually set my ISO. This poll question makes me wonder if I should start!”

aetnajojo, said that manual ISO was the way to go and even went so far as to say “My needs dictate that I capture images with minimal grain. So I fix my camera at ISO 80. If there is not enough light I may bump it up to ISO 100. If still there is not enough light, then I don’t take a shot at all.”

After some recent discussions this week, we would like to know do you watermark your images? Make sure to stop by the thread to vote and tell us why or why not.

Hot Threads

On the Road Again: This critique thread looks at how the composition and post-processing techniques on a photo can make a world of difference to the end result. In this thread we see the same picture presented as a landscape and portrait orientation as well as in sepia, black & white, and colour.

Panoramic Shot: This technique thread looks at how to make your own panoramic shots in a few different ways. The thread looks at how to create a more traditional panoramic shot, but also shows you Hockney Joiners and even talks about the pros and cons of using your camera’s built in panorama mode.

12 Days of Christmas: On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a picture of a blurry Christmas tree… That’s right, come join in the fun of the 12 days of Christmas with your own twist. It might not be 10 lords a-leaping, but maybe you have a picture of something else with 10 items in it. Come join in the holiday fun.

Problem Photographing Children: Holidays mean kids running around and general family fun, but as the person with the camera it can get frustrating if you’re not getting the pictures that you want. This critique thread looks at some of the problems that you can encounter when photographing children and talks about how to avoid those problems in future shots.

Other Threads to Note

As usual we also have another edition of Classic Rock Challenge posted by Digidave. This week the challenge is to interpret the album title or a song title from AC/DC’s Back in Black. So, if sick of Christmas carols, why not put on some AC/DC and take part in the challenge.

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