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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Welcome to another week in the forums! A busy week as usual, and the coffee assignment really makes me feel like one to wake up. Now, on to the update.

Weekly Assignment

Mmmmm . . . . coffee!! (by gaydie54)

We finished the agustin who managed to convince his sister to let him throw (cold) coffee on her! Now that’s a supportive family!

conclusion (by * agustin *)

The EVIL Mr. Coffee... (by IBOni)

The most recent assignment is water, so whether it’s raining everyday and you need to take a picture of that, or you want to take a picture of the last remaining warm days at the pool, or you just enjoy playing with water, drop by this assignment to share your pictures. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, your photo needs to have been taken between 10 – 23 October 2007, the post must include “Assignment:Water” and the exif needs to be in tact. Next week’s assignment will be hands (no, there’s no bonus points for hands playing in water).

Weekly Poll

TripodUseThis week, we asked the question about whether or not you use a tripod for most of your shooting. The results were much closer than some of the other polls.

Saralonde said that she uses a tripod most of the time because “Even after trying all the handhold tricks (hold your breath and release slowly, keep camera close to your body etc.), I am just ever so slightly shaky. That tiny bit of camera shake really makes a difference. The things I like to shoot – macros, some landscapes, still life – make tripods virtually a must. Lately being in the threesixtyfive and fiftytwo flickr groups and shooting the self-portraits they require, I find my tripod invaluable.

Teewinot, on the other hand gave 3 reasons why she doesn’t use a tripod and said “I still prefer to hand-hold on all the rest of my shots. But that’s due to three issues: (1) my tripod is old and heavy, (2) I’m impatient…it takes too long to set-up, and (3) I feel like I lose versatility when I lock my camera to a tripod, especially with macro shots.”

This week, come answer the question if you’re self taught or if you’ve taken an organised photography course.

Hot Threads

Test of the Nikkor 55-200mm kit lens close-up: Clockdoc has been posting a lot of interesting threads this week pointing out some of the more technical things. This one happens to be about the close up abilities of the Nikkor 55-200mm lens, look for some of his other threads on white balance and macro filters.

Paper peacock: Photographing paper doesn’t necessarily sound interesting, but it’s really something that can look really neat. Peeterita shows us one example of photographing paper, and provides a bit of inspiration for others who are wondering what to try shooting next.

Money is no object!: Don’t I wish… Mikem12188 asks what lens you would buy if money was no object… So, come share that lens that you know you would buy if you won big in the lotto.

Concert Pic… help…: What do you do with a picture that you took at a concert where everything seems to come out ok but then you realise that it’s not as sharp as you want it to be? This thread offers a few suggestions about how to process concert shots.

Canon EOS 400D: fail: Making the transition from film to digital can be hard. Gnoll110 discusses some of the problems he has had when trying out a dSLR and some of the reasons the transition may not be as smooth as you would expect.

Other Threads to Note

We finally hit What Would You Do. This week we’ve had some really creative edits of a picture of a dandylion, so if you want to practice your post-processing skills drop by this thread.

That’s it for this week, but drop by the forums if you haven’t done so already. We love to see new faces.

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