Facebook Pixel This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (14-20 Jun '09)

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (14-20 Jun ’09)

Weekly Assignment

Cookies & Cream (by photoboothguy)This week’s assignment might have added a few calories to your week and it sure made the judges hungry. This week’s assignment was “Sweet Tooth” Our winner this week was rt80639‘s shot of Cookies and Cream which really just stood out. The bright colours and the perfect timing of the milk drop made it a uniquely creative interpretation of the Sweet Tooth assignment, and really set a high standard. Our first runner up was srt‘s Lollipop Girl. We couldn’t actually agree on what part of her expression stood out the most, but what we did agree on was that it was priceless and full of energy. She looks like she’s about to really bite into that lollipop! And last, but not least was another creative take on the perils of having a sweet tooth. ZoomZoom‘s “Everything has its price!” shot was a great interpretation that really stood out. While it still said “sweet tooth” it also told a bit of a story. Nicely done everyone! There’s some tough competition out there!

Bite me! (by Skye.R.T)Everything has its price! (by feldmannoam)We also started another assignment this week, Chair. We wanted to focus on shooting a familiar object creatively. A chair of one type or another should be available to everyone and it can be found in all types of environments. They can be used for relaxing or working, they can be cozy or uncomfortable, plain or ornate. But show us your creativity when you shoot them. In order to participate in the mini-contest to have your photo featured on the blog, there are a few rules. First, your photo must have been taken between 10 – 24 June 2009. Second, your post must include the words “Assignment: Chair” and the date the photo was taken. And last, the EXIF should be intact and it helps if you can include the main points in your post. Next week’s assignment varies depending on your camera. If you have a camera that lets you set your aperture at f/16, the assignment is f/16. If your camera cannot go to f/16, then your assignment is RYB. In RYB you are to pick one colour (red, yellow, or blue) and make it the primary focus of your image. Only participate in the RYB challenge if your camera isn’t capable of shooting at f/16.

Hot Threads

  • Sunset pictures… is it possible?: This week, one forum member asked if it was possible to take good sunset shots without a ND Grad filter or without using HDR. Come share your tips and tricks for getting good sunset shots without lots of extra gear.
  • How to shoot using just a pop-up flash?: Lighting is an important part of taking pictures. But what do you do if your only extra light source is your camera’s pop up flash? What is the best way to use it? And is it ok to use it? Come give your tips for using the pop up flash.
  • What’s your camera’s name(s): One of our forum members, fstopMike, has shared with us some of his many adventures with Nikki Sue Nikon. Well, this made another forum member want to know just what people have named (or would name) their camera(s). So, if your camera has a name, come introduce it to the other cameras over on the forum. And if it doesn’t, well, here’s your chance to give it one.
  • What Would You Do #100!: Over 100 different photographs have been submitted and used in our weekly post-processing thread. If you’ve never participated in WWYD, there’s no time like the present to start. Whether you’re new to post-processing or you can build an entire photorealistic image in Photoshop, you’re welcome to come participate. Thanks to everyone who has helped the thread make it to 100!

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