Facebook Pixel This Week in the Digital Photography Photography School Forums (26 Sep - 2 Oct '10)

This Week in the Digital Photography Photography School Forums (26 Sep – 2 Oct ’10)

Weekly Assignment

Full moon nightWe finished up our OneRingShort‘s “Midnight Bridge”. This one used a really interesting technique. It was a 30 second exposure where the flash was fired 4 times during the shot to light up the bridge and surrounding area. It was a really excellent demonstration of a long exposure and controlled lighting.

For DPS Assignment: BridgesThis week’s assignment is Midnight BridgeSecond, your post must include the words “Assignment: Street Photography” and the date the photo was taken. Finally, your EXIF Should be intact, and it’s helpful if you can include some of the main points, such as camera, lens, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Next week’s assignment will be Wide Angle. Even though we’re often told to get in close to isolate our subjects, but this week we want you to go wide. The composition may be more difficult, but use it to your advantage.

Hot Threads

  • Using GPS: With digital cameras, one of the benefits is that you can store thousands of photos on your computer. But there may come a day when you want to know where you took a photo. Sure, you might remember a day later or a week, but what about a year or two? Some sort of GPS device might come in handy for that. Come share your thoughts on how to integrate GPS into your photography.
  • Color Cast Caused by ND Fillter: If you’ve used ND filters, you may have found that your photos can sometimes have a colour cast. But how do you get rid of it or how do you cope with it? Come share your tips on how to get neutral colour photos even when using ND filters.
  • Lost Art?: It can be said that with film photography, there was a real art that went along with taking the shots and even developing them, partially because of the cost and the time associated with it. But is that art gone with digital photography or has it just changed? Come share your thoughts over in the forums.
  • Gotta Hand it to Nikon: Every once in a while we get a post about someone’s gear getting broken. But, have you ever seen a story about a flash being run over by a car and still working? Come read the whole story over on the forums.
  • What Would You Do: Our WWYD thread is back again, so here’s your chance to show us how you would edit another forum member’s photo. Head on over to the forums to see what the picture is, and then post your results in that thread.

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