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Things People Say to Photographers – What Have You Heard?

If you’re in the photography business you’ve likely heard some pretty outrageous comments made by clients. In these three videos let’s have a humorous look at things clients say to photographers. Remember this is all in fun, and we, as photographers, value our loyal clients fiercely. Right?!

Things Clients Say

I this first video by Queen Photographers we see some of the most common phrases and things heard by photographers. Some just make our eyes roll. Have you heard any of these gems?

Shtuff People Say

Here’s another tongue-in-cheek look at “shtuff” people say to photographers. What’s your favorite? How about, “Wow your camera takes really good pictures!” If you aren’t a professional, even as an amateur or hobby photographer you’ve probably heard that one right?

Kid Edition

This one is probably my favorite of the lot. It was made by a photographer and his kids, using the kids as models. I think they did a fantastic job.

Let’s hear from you

So now it’s your turn. What are some of the doozies you’ve heard from people? Here are some of my faves:

  • Your camera takes great photos. (Never mind the two years of photography school, and years of experience I have been doing it.)
  • Much be nice charging that much for a wedding, you hardly have to do any work at all. (Said a wedding guest who has no idea a wedding takes up to 40-50 hours of work before, during and after the big day.)
  • Can you take a photo with my camera? (A father of the bride asked me this once, and I was the paid wedding photographer taking their family photo at the time!)
  • Can you NOT put your name/signature on our prints? I might want to get them copied and the copy shop won’t do it if there’s a professional mark on them. (Asked of me by an actual paying client.)
  • Can you NOT put your signature on any of my family’s prints? That is only for art and artists. You’re just a photographer and what you do isn’t really art, so I don’t want your name on it. (He then proceeded to convince everyone in the extended family why they didn’t need 20×24 prints which they have purchased and they all downsized to 11×14 or 8×10, thanks, buddy! But I refused to not sign them so he had to take it or get none.)
  • Can you give us the wedding photography package we want but just throw in a free 16×20 wall canvas? The studio down the street said they’d do it for less. (To which I suggested they go meet with that photographer and hire him if they liked his work. After 2 days they hired me at my price PLUS the 16×20 at full price.)

Let’s hear yours. Remember – this is dPS so please keep it clean folks, no curse words (use a bleep if you have to), or name calling. Keep it light-hearted in the spirit of the videos. Just do an eye-roll and move on.

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