Themed Engagement Shoots

Themed Engagement Shoots

I love engagement shoots. Having the opportunity to capture a couple’s story in a creative and unique way is absolutely energizing.

Unlike the typical styled portrait shoots, its really important to incorporate elements of the couples story into the shoot. Their interests. Any family history that they appreciate. And of course, their own Love Story.

Follow these rules of thumb for a smashing and uniquely styled E-Session.

Keep it authentic to their story

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Heather and William have a sweet “young love” theme to their story. They met and fell in love as very young teenagers, but split up after needing time to grow personally. 7 years later they went “all in” and became engaged. We wanted to portray the sort of innocence of “first love” with their story. Having a vintage theme seemed appropriate to highlight this.

Decide on a theme

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With William in the US Air Force, we decided to go for a vintage “greatest generation” theme to the E-Session. We wanted to create photos like what may be seen from flipping through their grandparents photo albums.

Enrich the shoot with past and current hobbies and interests

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Heather decided to raid her grandmother’s collection of vintage props and clothes to bring a true authenticity of that “greatest generation”. Heirloom china. A homemade patchwork quilt. And a woven basket. William worked with horses as a younger teenager and was comfortable handling our horse (who did have a mind of his own). These elements added such a dynamic and special feel to this shoot.

Engagement shoots are one of the most enjoyable photoshoots to plan – make it that much more with a theme!

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Some Older Comments

  • laviera March 10, 2012 03:29 am

    I've noticed this is the latest, and might I say most fun fad I have come across. I recently did an engagement shoot where they were announcing their wedding date in an upcoming movie title at the movie theatre. It was the bride to be's idea. Came out great!

  • Melissa March 10, 2012 03:24 am

    Oops, I meant lighting

  • Melissa March 10, 2012 03:22 am

    Thank you so much for sharing that with me! What a beautiful photo! I love the writing and the poses very unique!

  • Paul March 10, 2012 02:42 am

    I like the article, are the colours a bit over saturated or is it just me?

  • Rosli Shirlin March 9, 2012 06:37 pm

    This is one of the zombie shoot we did...:-)

  • Virginia Smith March 7, 2012 12:05 pm

    we love themed engagement sessions! we've been making stop motion videos out of them as well and the couples just love them too!

  • Melissa Hyde March 7, 2012 11:34 am

    Wow I would love to see the zombie shoot! That sounds so fun! :) I love the idea of keeping it true to the love that people have for each other. I really think that this will really make it unique to your client and they will see this which will mean referals and great reviews! :)

  • Erik kerstenbeck March 7, 2012 06:31 am


    You may also consider some unusual places for these shoots. Like here, we shot at a Marine Air Station in San Diego - lots of millitary here so extremely relevant!

  • jim March 7, 2012 02:23 am

    Funny I got asked to do a zombie theme engagement shoot. I'm definitely going to do it.