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The Weekly Photography Challenge – Sports

It doesn’t need to be some sort of pro-level sport, it can be a local football game, some skateboarding on the street, Surfing or Soccer… You can choose, but you have to go and find, and photograph some form of sport or something connected to a sport. Easy! As usual, you need to take your photograph this week and share it in the comments below (There is a HOW TO at the end of this post, just keep reading) or you can share your photo in our FACEBOOK GROUP or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter where you can tag us (how to tag someone on social media)

If you’re tagging your photograph on social media, please use this week’s hashtag #dPSSports

Sports photography, just due to the sheer fact that most sports move at a bit of a fast pace, is usually approached with a faster shutter speed. Not all sports, but a lot. The surfing photo below, combined with a brighter day (outdoors, where most surfing is done, I’m sure you’ll agree!) and some good fast movement by the surfer left me with a 1/8000th shutter speed at f/3.2. I could have stopped down to bring my shutter down some, but my goal, at that distance from the surfer (190mm on a Canon 70-200 f/2.8) was to isolate him from the whitewash in the bottom of the frame, and aim for a nice sharp wave. (Indoor sports photography and Outdoor sports photography can be quite different in terms of light!)

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Surf Photography Sydney Australia Simon Pollock

I’ve photographed a lot of my son’s soccer for the last couple of years, just a dad on the sidelines with a camera, for fun, to document his games and the enjoyment he gets from playing his sport, I’ve slowed my shutter a little in this frame to try and get a little movement, depicting the action, I didn’t really achieve it, but it’s one way to show action in sports photography – give it a try!

The Weekly Photography Challenge – Sports

Before I sign off for this weekend, here’s a handy ‘Intro to Sports Photography‘ that might make for some good reading before you head out to find your photograph. — Have fun!

Now, how do you post your photograph in the comments under this post? Here’s the deal… Upload your photo into the comments field below this post (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section below this post) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see. Or, if you’d prefer, upload them to your favourite photo-sharing site and leave the link to them.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Looking Up

If you do get stuck, you can contact our friendly (mostly!… ok, well.. after coffee he’s ok!) support guy. He’s on the email support@digital-photography-school.com 🙂

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