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The Weekly Photography Challenge – BlackAndWhite

Last week I ruffled some proverbial feathers and made sure to mention that we want you to go out and make a NEW photo for this challenge, which is kinda the point of a ‘challenge‘ as there really isn’t a lot that’s challenging about dipping into your Lightroom catalogue and pulling out a photograph from 1984, is there?

This week your challenge theme is #dPSBlackAndWhite (Or, mostly B&W)

Omaha Beach
Omaha Beach

Ideally, being digital photography SCHOOL we want you all to push yourselves with ‘easy’ themes that you have to spend a little time THINKING about how to make an awesome image! THat’s the goal, but, we get it – some people can’t, and so that’s why it’s not a ‘Rule’ it’s more of a guideline. So, that little gem of information out of the way, let’s get on with this week’s challenge which is B&W or, more commonly ‘Black and White’ which we haven’t done for a good while and I thought it might be good to see how you’ve progressed!

B&W Portraits | Still Life | Street | Headshots | …but HOW? click here for a post that might help.

Battersea Power Station
This is Battersea Calling

Because I just had a little mini-rant about making this a new photograph and so on, I popped the camera on the tripod and photographed my guitars – they’ve made their share of grunge-type noises, so I opted for a messy gritty B&W conversion in Lightroom. You can use many different was to convert your photograph to B&W if you shoot it colour in raw, or just use the B&W filters (if your camera has them) options in your camera – most cameras have a ‘creative’ set of filters including B&W.

One thing I have always loved in a B&W image is higher contrast (as is evident) the photo of Battersea Power station and the tree (I like trees, huh) at Omaha Beach are older, depicting my love for gritty, contrasty B&W through the years, and the one below was taken about an hour ago, here in my office. ANyways, enough about me, let’s see what YOU have for B&W theme challenge this week. (Read on below for instructions on how to post)

Black & White Guitars
Washburn, Washburn, Music Man, Washburn

Great! How do I upload my photos?

Upload your photo into the comments field (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section below this post) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see. Or, if you’d prefer, upload them to your favourite photo-sharing site and leave the link to them.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Looking Up

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You can also share your images in the dPS Facebook group as the challenge is posted there each week as well.

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