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The Multiple Personalities of Yellow in Images

The color yellow can represent many different things – feelings and emotions – ranging from happy (the iconic yellow happy face), sunshine, and spring to the evil side of the color like jealousy, cowardice, caution, and illness. Of course there is also a lot of yellow at this time of year as autumn is upon us in the northern parts of the world.

Let’s have a look at how these photographers used the color yellow in their images.

Tobi Firestone

By Tobi Firestone

Vinoth Chandar

By Vinoth Chandar

Andreas Levers

By Andreas Levers

Peter Liu Photography

By Peter Liu Photography


By Zitzitoune

Loïc Lagarde

By Loïc Lagarde

Vicki DeLoach

By Vicki DeLoach

Brad Smith

By Brad Smith

Jenny Downing

By jenny downing


By KellarW

Fabrizio Furno'

By Fabrizio Furno’

Darlene Hildebrandt

By Darlene Hildebrandt

Amanda Tipton

By amanda tipton

Daniel Zimmel

By daniel zimmel

Mike Beales

By Mike Beales

Matt Artz

By Matt Artz

Roo Reynolds

By Roo Reynolds

Scott Robinson

By Scott Robinson

Dennis Jarvis

By Dennis Jarvis

By 8#X

Yasser Abusen

By Yasser Abusen


By MaxGag

Boris Brückhäuser

By Boris Brückhäuser

Jeremy Brooks

By Jeremy Brooks

Mirai Takahashi

By Mirai Takahashi

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