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The Most Popular Digital Camera Among our Readers Is…..

Yesterday we revealed some of the results of a recent reader ‘census’ looking at the cameras that they use as their primary camera. We shared that 94% of our readers use a DSLR camera as their primary camera that Canon is the most popular brand of DSLR (46% vs 40% for Nikon), that Canon dominate the point and shoot market also (just over 50%) and that Panasonic are #1 in the Micro Four Thirds market (just uner 70%).

Today we’re going to look at specific camera models in the three different classes of cameras and reveal which camera is most popular with our readers.

nikon-d90.jpgLets start with the DSLRs (as 94% of our readers use them as their primary camera).

As mentioned yesterday – over 11% of our DSLR using readers use 1 single model of DSLR. While we had more users mention Canon DSLRs than Nikons the #1 camera used by our readers is a Nikon – the Nikon D90 (with it making up 11.1% of the total DSLRs mentioned).

Canon EOS 450D/Xsi came in 2nd with 8.1% of responses, followed by the Nikon D300 (5.9%) and the Canon EOS 5D Mk II and Canon EOS 7D (both on 5.4%).

What I found interesting in these results was that we had a good spread of cameras mentioned in terms of price. The Canon 450D retails for around $719 with the Nikon D70 at $746 and then there was a real jump up to the rest of the top 5 with the Nikon D300 coming in at $1512, the Canon EOS 7D retailing for $1557 and the Canon 5D Mark II a more serious camera at $2399 (all prices (body only).

You can see from the list below just how much Nikon and Canon dominate the list – the first DSLR that was not one of these was the Pentax K-20D which came in at #19.

The rest of the list is a real mixture of cameras with some quite old models still being used, plenty of very entry level cameras and even a few high end Pro cameras making the list of the top 38 (I only included cameras that had at least 8 mentions as otherwise the list would have been a lot longer).

Here’s the breakdown of the top 38:

popular DSLRs.png

canon-Powershot-SX20IS.jpgAs mentioned yesterday – the number of people mentioning point and shoot cameras as their primary cameras were low (6%). As a result I hesitate to create a list as the sample size probably is not big enough. The other factor at play in this section is that most cameras mentioned only had 1 mention and there are only a handful had multiple mentions. So take this with a grain of salt until we can run a survey that focuses upon point and shoots and includes secondary cameras.

Only 6 cameras were mentioned 4 times or more so I’ll just list those at this point (numbers in brackets signify how readers have each model):

All except one of these are larger cameras (the S90 is really the only compact). Many many other models were mentioned and between them I’d estimate half were compact and the other half were super zooms or larger point and shoots.

panasonic-gf1.jpgThis class of camera is new and only made up less than 1% of cameras mentioned. But out of interest I’ll list the three cameras mentioned:

Interestingly the Panasonic GF1 had more mentions than any of the point and shoots and would have made the bottom of the list in the DSLR class.

Update: this post has been updated as originally we had the Canon EOS 400D in 2nd position AND 12th position. The 450D should have been in #2. This has been updated in the post above.

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