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The Engagement Shoot

The Engagement ShootOne of my favourite services that I offer is that of the engagement shoot. I include an engagement shoot in my wedding package and have gotten rave reviews from all my couples.

My couples love the e-shoot. By the time they’ve gotten around to finding their photographer, many couples have pretty much finished all their wedding plans. All there is left to do it twiddle their thumbs and anxiously wait for the day. The e-shoot gives them something fun to do while they wait and gets them even more excited for their day. They get to practice being photographed together which eases their nerves and helps them get to know me and my shooting style.

I love the e-shoot. It gives my couples a chance to get to know me and my style and eases their nerves about the day and being in front of the camera. It secures their heart that they definitely hired the right photographer because they have fun, they love their photos and they get to know me as a friend, not just as their photographer, as we walk around our locations, laugh and have fun.

Business-wise, the e-shoot is a great opportunity to add more money making potential to your wedding package. Couples can order wallet-sized prints for their invites or save-the-date cards. They can order large mounted prints to display on an easel at the wedding which guests can sign in lieu of a guest book. My personal favourite is the e-shoot guest book. I use ‘the reception book’ template from The Album Cafe to create trendy, clever guest books for the reception. Filled with their e-shoot photos and quirky little questions for their guests, this is an adorable memento of both their happy days combined.

The Engagement Shoot

Tips for the e-shoot:

  • When I meet my couples for the first time to talk about their wedding and present my services, I talk about the e-shoot then and there. I talk to these potential clients as if they’ve already hired me. We talk about locations for their e-shoot and about their style. Are they earthy and natural or edgy and urban? I bring the reception book as part of my product line and we talk about the possibilities of the e-shoot.
  • As soon as their deposit is received, we schedule the e-shoot.
  • As much as your clients will allow, style your own shoot. Be an intensive presence in the wardrobe planning and talk to your bride about makeup, wardrobe changes, accessories.
  • When shooting, be mindful of the products you offer. The one I push the most is the reception book so don’t just shoot haphazardly. Think of the progression of your pages and tell the story of their relationship. Take photos of them separately as well because you might want to have a page with questions about her and one with questions about him. So be mindful of the finished product.

Engagement shoots are such a rich, momentous and important service we can offer our wedding clients. It can greatly enhance their overall wedding experience with you and also offer you, the photographer, many great benefits in return.

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