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The Aviator Travel Jib | KickStarter

A friend of ours, Zeke Kamm over at Nice Industries is launching a great little product, the Aviator Travel Jib… With video in dSLR cameras becoming more accessible, a lot more people are giving film making a go with their own camera. One thing that makes your films more dynamic is sweet, smooth movement, and to get that movement you need some sort of tripod / rail / dolly / jib / amazingly muscular and steady arms like superman… Until now there have been very few accessories on the market to make this job easier – when I say very few, I mean very few that you can actually afford or carry on your own! (unless you are actually superman...)

See the KICKSTARTER for the Aviator Travel Jib Here

Enter the Aviator Travel Jib! The whole unit packs down to 24″ long, extends up to 6 feet long (in seconds and without a degree!) and weighs in at about 3 3/4 lb… A compact, lightweight solution that will hold a camera that weighs up to 6lb. Thanks to the included fluid pan base, The Aviator works great with any photo or video tripod rated to support 17lbs or more.

The Aviator kit comes complete with a fluid pan base, a high end padded bag, mounting hardware, bubble levels, and a ballast bag that you can fill with sand, or chocolate or…

This is what you get with the Aviator travel Jib


A little info on the Aviator from the KickStarter Page.

What will we use the money for? We are ready to start production and your pledge will help us pay for the many molds, materials, and other manufacturing costs involved in bringing The Aviator to market.

When will the rewards ship? We have been through several prototypes and are ready to start manufacturing. The factory is ready for us to place the order. That means if we make our funding goal The Aviator should ship by August.

What makes The Aviator Travel Jib so great? Jibs (camera cranes) stabilize your camera while moving it through space around and above your subjects creating graceful, sweeping moves that you just can’t get any other way.

Unlike normal jibs that are heavy, large, expensive, and a big hassle to set up, severely limiting the locations and situations where filmmakers could put them to use, The Aviator is super portable, lightweight, compact, and affordable.

The Aviator features leg locks designed by world renowned tripod makers 3 Legged Thing. And they are supplying us with their exclusive 8 core Stealth Carbon Fiber. We’re even manufacturing The Aviator at their factory! Thanks 3LT!!!

What skill level of shooter is this for? The Aviator is super simple to set up and use. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just a passionate beginner, you’ll get breathtaking footage within minutes.

I hope you’ve found this little unearthing helpful!


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