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Yesterday I shared a set of amazing sunset images and this week’s photography challenge is also to capture some sunset images. So to help you along with that is a video tutorial on how to underexpose to get more color in your sunset shots, also one of the tips I mentioned on the challenge page!

In this video Gordon Laing goes through step by step how to change the settings on your camera to do just that. Have a look:

And a second video by the Corel Learning Center with five more sunset photography tips. These are practical and easy to understand and follow:

Have some other tips, please share in the comments below!

Look for another article on sunsets coming up this week!

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  • Fletch

    Question: is it OK to “look at the Sun” through your lens when taking these sunrise/sunset photos? Some people say, no, no; looking at the Sun through a lens is the worst thing you can do for your eye. Others use Live View, but some say the downside of that is that the shutter (being open) exposes the inside of the camera to the Sun for long periods while you’re trying to get the shot and can ruin your camera.


  • I do it but just don’t stare at it. I’ve been shooting 26 years I’m not blind

  • Michael Owens

    Can I ask Darlene, can we have WRITTEN tuts, as I like to copy the stuff, and take it with me on my phone/tablet, video tuts – ok when in a Wifi spot, and sometimes 3G, but otherwise, useless on the move.

    I do prefer indepth written tuts with images.

  • I shot this sunset pic this evening at the wetlands here in Las Vegas. I’m not a pro photographer by any means and have a humble Canon Powershot G12, but I’ve become addicted to landscape photography & plan to get a better camera just as soon as money permits!

  • Frank Mann

    Sunset Cruise Puerto Vallarta

  • Frank Mann

    Across from my house: Orange, CA

  • Himanshu Agnihotri

    Pls suggest and help me improve!!

  • Mark Behr

    I like the shot but Imo I would have stopped down one more stop it would have blacked out the trees more and probably have made the Grey of the sky more blue. Nice fore ground though wait for a storm to pass before sunset and you have a awesome shot.

  • Mark Behr

    You will be fine I still have good vision and have been doing it for years

  • Amitaabh Bakshi

    Sun set over the deserts of Jaisalmer, India

  • SG

    Shot this in Washington DC last October – ISO400 @ f/22, 1/2 sec exposure. Only editing I did was to under-expose the original photo by a stop. Any comments on improvements are welcome.

  • Stella

    Sunset Antigua Guatemala……

  • Kelley Candee

    Sunset after Sunday Service

  • Kelley Candee

    Nicely done Angel..

  • looks pretty good to me!

  • yes there is one on sunsets coming out tomorrow, watch for it! But some people like short video tips so we do both to keep all our readers happy.

  • Amitaabh Bakshi

    Sunset over the sands of Abu Dhabi

  • Amitaabh Bakshi

    Sunset over Jaisalmer

  • Amitaabh Bakshi

    Sunset over the skies of Central Asia

  • Amitaabh Bakshi

    Sunset over the deserts of Barmer

  • Amitaabh Bakshi

    Sunset over the National Park

  • Amitaabh Bakshi

    Sunset over Bath

  • Barry E Warren

    Love how you put this together, Nice Photo

  • Barry E Warren

    I use the live view when doing sunset and sunrise. I just don’t want to take any chances . It is easier to replace a camera then your eye.

  • Barry E Warren

    Very Very nice and relaxing Great Photo

  • Amitaabh Bakshi

    Thanks Barry, just waited for a couple of days to catch the right moment….

  • Kelly Reed

    Sunset in Tonopah, Arizona

  • Sunset over the Sydney Opera House from a different perspective.

  • Puneet Bagga

    Cloudy Sunset, Jaipur,India

  • Puneet Bagga

    Cloudy Sunset, Jaipur, India.

  • Sathya Jayapaul

    Sunrise at Thiruvanmiyur beach, Chennai, India.

  • Sathya Jayapaul

    Watching the sunrise at Thiruvanmiyur beach, Chennai, India

  • mick boyd

    Sunrise at Ayers Rock in central Australia,and first light over the rock.

  • Profiles…
    More in our travel notes on South China.
    Safe travels, Matt.

  • John Gauntt

    I call this THE SEA ON FIRE. Even though the only water is in the clouds. From my front porch with a cell phone. It lasted all of 5 minutes.

  • Michael Owens

    Well, that’s the difference here Darlene, you all aim to please the readers. Which is why I live here! 😀

  • Vil

    sunset at a coast of the Baltic sea (Palanga, Lithuania).

  • Vi Se

    Sun path (lake Galv? at Trakai, Lithuania).
    One of my first sunset pictures.

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