Facebook Pixel Don't Be a Square Daddy-O - 19 Images with Symmetry

Don’t Be a Square Daddy-O – 19 Images with Symmetry

The word square can be interpreted a few ways. It can be taken literally as in the shape, a rectangle with four equal sides. Or it might be a park or center area of a town where people gather. Finally, it you could even consider the old 60s term “don’t be a square” as in someone who isn’t “cool”.

Let’s see how these photographers captured – square!

Image: By Luis Alves

By Luis Alves

Image: By DurhamDundee

By DurhamDundee

Image: By Jamie Bradway

By Jamie Bradway

Image: By Micha? Kosmulski

By Micha? Kosmulski

Image: By Grant Hutchinson

By Grant Hutchinson

Image: By Jakob Grunig

By Jakob Grunig

Image: By John Catbagan

By John Catbagan

Image: By Michael Lusk

By Michael Lusk

Image: By Greg Pammer

By Greg Pammer



Image: By Jack Lyons

By Jack Lyons

Image: By jurek d.

By jurek d.

Image: By danishdynamite

By danishdynamite

Image: By Douglas O’Brien

By Douglas O’Brien

Image: By postoffis

By postoffis

Image: By Cuncun Wijaya

By Cuncun Wijaya

Image: By Uwe Potthoff

By Uwe Potthoff

Image: By michael

By michael

Image: By melfoody

By melfoody

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