Facebook Pixel The Sony a7 IV Will Launch in October With a 33 MP Sensor

The Sony a7 IV Will Launch in October With a 33 MP Sensor

the Sony a7 IV will launch in October with a 33 MP sensor

The long-awaited Sony a7 IV will likely debut in October, boasting a brand-new sensor, improved in-body image stabilization, and more.

This comes from Sony Alpha Rumors, who recently reported on an a7 IV announcement delay; thanks to a chip shortage, the a7 IV’s original September 2021 announcement date has been pushed to October. Unfortunately, the shortage will affect a7 IV availability, and you can expect “that supplies will be limited during the first months” of a7 IV shipments.

While few a7 IV specs have been released – and none have been unveiled directly by Sony – Sony Alpha Rumors has managed to paint a picture of the upcoming camera. Most notably, the a7 IV will include a new 33 MP sensor, not a redesign of the standard 24 MP sensor found in the a7 III. This will offer users enhanced cropping and printing capabilities over previous a7 models, and will undoubtedly appeal to the “do-everything” camera crowd, who require a camera that can handle action, detail work (e.g., landscapes, product photography), and more.

A 33 MP sensor would also push the a7 IV past the 30 MP Canon EOS R and far beyond the 20 MP EOS R6. Sony Alpha Rumors claims that “Sony’s goal with the a7 IV is to really fight back with Canon,” and that you can expect the new camera “to be more than an ‘updated’ Sony a7 III.”

What else will the a7 IV offer? The new camera will feature slightly improved in-body image stabilization over its predecessor (5.5 stops versus 5 stops). And older rumors hint at an updated electronic viewfinder – 3.69M-dot resolution versus the a7 III’s 2.36M dots. While the a7 III’s EVF was respectable for its time, a resolution boost is certainly in order, though no doubt some Sony fans will wish for a 5.76M-dot viewfinder to match the a7R IV and the Canon EOS R5.

And you can also expect 4K/60p video, “top-notch” autofocus and image quality, plus improved sensor readout speeds.

As for the price: Back in late 2020, Sony Alpha Rumors suggested a $2499 USD tag – $500 USD more than the a7 III at the time of launch, yes, but given Sony’s aims for the a7 line, the price seems plausible.

Regardless, if you’ve been waiting for the a7 IV, it won’t be long now. So keep an eye out for the official announcement!

Now over to you:

What do you think of the rumored a7 IV specifications? Are you pleased? Frustrated? What do you hope to see in an a7 IV? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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