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The Sony a6900 Will Debut Before the Month Is Out: Here’s What We Know

Sony a6900 to debut before the month is out

For weeks, SonyAlphaRumors has been dropping information regarding the so-called Sony a6900, which will debut in “late May” as an a6600 successor. 

While the “a6900” moniker is not yet confirmed, a “trusted” SonyAlphaRumors source has said that the new camera “will not be named ‘a6700,’” with another SAR source offering the a6900 label.

So what do we know about this new a6900?

SonyAlphaRumors confidently states that the a6900 will replace the a6600, but will feature an APS-C sensor and a body similar to the full-frame a7C. It will “be branded as [a] ‘vlogger’ camera,” which suggests several blogging-friendly specs: a fully articulating screen, for one, but also impressive video capabilities (at least 4K/30p plus mic/headphone jacks) and a compact design.

Sony a6900 release
The Sony a6900 will look much like the compact a7C.

Indeed, various rumors suggest that the a6900 will feature 4K/60p video, a notable upgrade over the 4K/30p offered by the a6600. Interestingly, rumors also point to a new high-resolution sensor – several SonyAlphaRumors sources have suggested 32 MP – in a surprising break from Sony’s string of 24 MP APS-C models

Here are additional specs suggested by (unconfirmed) SAR sources:

  • Improved rolling shutter performance
  • 20 frames-per-second continuous shooting
  • 2.36M-dot EVF
  • The “same tilt screen” as the a7C
  • Upgraded in-body image stabilization (compared to the a7C)
  • A7C-like price ($1798 USD)

Most of these items seem pretty standard and don’t offer any major improvements over the a6600. The exception is the 20 fps continuous shooting rate, and I’ll admit that I’m skeptical; after all, it’s a feature matched only by Sony’s highest-level full-frame models and is wholly unnecessary for vloggers.

Of course, you can also expect Sony’s standard autofocusing capabilities, including its vaunted Real-time Eye AF, plus outstanding subject tracking and generally speedy focusing, all of which will appeal to vloggers and still shooters alike.

So be sure to keep an eye out for further Sony a6900 news, especially if you’re interested in a compact, vlogging-focused camera; we should get an official release before the month is out.

Now over to you:

What do you think of the Sony a6900? If the rumored specifications are right, would you be interested? Are there any key features that the camera is missing? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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