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Wedding Photography Tips with Two Different Perspectives

Today I wanted to share these two videos with you that offer pretty my completely opposite ways to do wedding photography; candid storytelling and posed shots.

In this first video 19 year wedding veteran  photographer, Joe Buissink, talks about his philosophy on shooting weddings in a storytelling style. He says he started in 1995, I actually have him beat on that one – 1990 for me. Unlike Joe however, I started off doing the more traditional posed style which was popular at the time. Eventually I became a bit bored with it and moved towards using 35mm cameras with high speed b/w film and I got the same reaction Joe talks about in the video. Other photographers would gasp and tell me how wrong that was, that the images would be grainy and it wasn’t quote, “professional”. Like Joe, I did it anyway and my clients loved it because I was able to capture more of the storytelling he talks so passionately about.

While you’re telling their story, your story is also in there (your images) as well. – Joe Buissink

See what else Joe has to say and be inspired by his moving images:

In this second video, Moshe Zusman talks about creating poses rather than capturing moments. This is a different approach to wedding photography. Often many photographers use a mix of both candid storytelling images and posed. See if you can grab some tips from Moshe on posing in this video:

I don’t think either style and philosophy is right or wrong, just different. So which style do you relate to more? If you were getting married which would you want your photographer to shoot?

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