Sign of the Times - 27 Significant Images of Signage

Sign of the Times – 27 Significant Images of Signage


Images of signs can help date a photograph and give viewers clues about the location, culture, even the period of history. Street photography often incorporates signage.

What other ways can we use signs? Literal or more subtle? Let’s see how these photographers use signs:

Andrea Koerner

By Andrea Koerner

Scott Smith

By Scott Smith

Vicki  DeLoach

By Vicki DeLoach

Bob Jagendorf

By Bob Jagendorf

These * Are * My * Photons

By These * Are * My * Photons

Darlene Hildebrandt

By Darlene Hildebrandt

Howard Ignatius

By Howard Ignatius

Sancho McCann

By Sancho McCann

Carol Von Canon

By Carol Von Canon

Pete Zarria

By Pete Zarria

Hernan Seoane

By Hernan Seoane

Mark Nye

By Mark Nye

Tim Green

By Tim Green

Thomas Hawk

By Thomas Hawk

Thomas Hawk

By Thomas Hawk

Brent Disney

By Brent Disney


By bluedeviation

Yiannis Chatzitheodorou

By Yiannis Chatzitheodorou

Steve Parkinson

By Steve Parkinson

Wendy Berry

By Wendy Berry

TJ Gehling

By TJ Gehling


By Gilda

Jeremy Brooks

By Jeremy Brooks


By Davidag

Jeremy Brooks

By Jeremy Brooks


By chuddlesworth

A McLin

By A McLin

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  • Jeff Studley

    Florence, Arizona

  • Scott Boylan

    Using my new DPS Lightroom presets (Street Grit & Grunge – “Wildthang”)

  • RayL

    Wildwood N.J. Boardwalk

  • SandraB

    Leonardtown, Maryland — The old and new.

  • waynewerner

    Dead End

  • michael digiovanni

    A Blood Moon lunar eclipse through the Macy’s sign

  • Michael Hanrahan

    King Street, Bristol UK

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