Facebook Pixel News: Sigma Will Produce Canon RF Lenses (With More to Be Revealed in 2020)

News: Sigma Will Produce Canon RF Lenses (With More to Be Revealed in 2020)


News: Sigma Will Produce Canon RF Lenses (With More to Be Revealed in 2020)Earlier this week, Canon Rumors reported that Sigma has created a roadmap for Canon RF lenses and that this roadmap will be unveiled in “early 2020.”

According to Canon Rumors, “distributors have received some early information about Sigma’s plans,” though nothing has been released to the public.

While Sigma’s plans have not yet been confirmed, this is excellent news for full-frame mirrorless Canon shooters, Canon DSLR shooters who may be making the switch to mirrorless, and just mirrorless fans in particular. The more RF-mount lenses available, the better (and the more attractive Canon’s full-frame mirrorless system becomes).

Of course, Canon produces its own RF line, and there are always debates about Sigma’s quality versus Canon’s quality. But it’s nice to have additional options, and Sigma has proven itself quite capable over the last few years.

Furthermore, this addresses one of the biggest complaints regarding new mirrorless systems: the number of lenses available. For Canon RF shooters, it’s frustrating to have to wait for a robust lens lineup to materialize, so Sigma’s participation will undoubtedly help things along. Plus, there are plenty of Canon DSLR photographers who have held back due to the limited number of lenses in the RF line. Sure, Canon offers EF to EOS R adapters, but most photographers want lenses that are designed to take advantage of their camera system’s features.

Not to mention another great thing about Sigma glass: It’s cheaper than Canon glass. Much cheaper.

This has become especially relevant given the high price points of several Canon RF lenses. The Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM currently goes for $2000+ USD, and the Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L USM is just shy of $3000 USD.

While there are no rumors regarding a Nikon roadmap, this certainly makes you wonder if and when one will be coming. So Nikon shooters, stay tuned. And Canon shooters, you’ll hopefully have some great lens options coming your way!

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