Facebook Pixel What Mode Do You Shoot in Most? [POLL]

What Mode Do You Shoot in Most? [POLL]

What mode do you shoot most of your photos in?

We’ve run this poll previously a couple of years back and I’ll be interested to hear whether the results have changed at all in that time.

There’s no right or wrong and there’s no mode that you should feel embarrassed about – we’re all at different levels and use our cameras in different ways.

What Mode Do You Shoot in Most?

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For the record – I tend to shoot most in Aperture Priority mode. I switch between modes a fair bit but as I tend to shoot wide open and love throwing the background out of focus it makes sense to me to start in that mode.

Once you’ve voted tell us about why you shoot in the mode that you do – I would love to hear your insights!

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Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse

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