Samsung WB250F Review

Samsung WB250F Review


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You may question why I selected the Samsung WB250F for review after my less than positive review of the Galaxy, a camera replete with all sorts of problems like dust on the sensor, poor ISO performance and an inordinately long startup time!

My reasons: Samsung is now a major player in electronics, especially smart phones and the like, so a reasonably priced device such as this is worthy of attention.

The Samsung WB250F has an 18x zoom which begins on a usefully wide 24mm 35 SLR equivalent focal length and reaches out to a 35 SLR equivalent of 432mm.

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Samsung has evolved its innovative Wi-Fi technology by creating SMART CAMERA 2.0: with it images and video can be sent simultaneously to a smartphone or tablet (using the Android OS) via a Wi-Fi connection.

Samsung WB250F Features

The maximum image size is 4320×3240 pixels, enabling the output of a 37x27cm print.

Full HD video at 1920×1080 pixel resolution can be shot in MPEG4 format. The quality is about as good as you get from a still camera, although with a little focus hunting mid zoom.

You can shoot stills mid video recording: a tiny icon of each still shot pops up on the LCD each time it is shot.
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The external controls are sufficient to get the camera going:

Top: on/off button; shutter button and zoom lever; Wi-Fi button; raise the flash button; mode dial with positions for auto, PASM, smart capture, best face exposures, W-Fi setup, a ‘magic’ button which allows you to do some extreme fiddling with saved shots … like arrange or edit several shots, create a GIF animation, apply a filter to video, etc.

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Rear: menu; replay; trash; traverse through saved images; video record button; the control dial has positions for flash, macro, single/continuous shooting; display options.

There is a collection of 12 photo filters you can apply to saved image: from ink and oil painting to cartoon effect, sketch to retro (sepia) and more.


My Magic Frame.jpg

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The screen menu is reasonably comprehensive but not daunting. The touch screen makes life with the WB250F extremely easy.

Startup Time

About two seconds from start up I could shoot the first shot; each shot came in about a second apart.


No distortion evident at the wide or tele ends of the zoom.

ISO Speeds

Samsung WB250F ISO 100.JPG

Samsung WB250F ISO 400.JPG

Samsung WB250F ISO 800.JPG

Samsung WB250F ISO 1600.JPG

Samsung WB250F ISO 3200.JPG

By ISO 1600 it appeared that definition had lowered. By ISO 3200 definition was even lower but surprisingly noise had not risen substantially.

Samsung WB250F Review Verdict

Quality: average snapshot.

Why you would buy the Samsung WB250F

: looks good in white; budget-priced, compact, easy-to-use stills and video camera.

Why you wouldn’t: your ambitions run higher; no HDMI output.

Overall, this is an impressive little camera. It could easily replace my family snapper bought two years ago at twice the price!

Excellent value!

Available in two colours; white and cobalt black.

Samsung WB250F Specifications

Image Sensor: 14.2 million effective pixels.
Sensor Size: 7.67mm CMOS.
Lens: f23.2-5.8/4.0-72mm (24-432mm as 35 SLR equivalent).
Stabilisation: Optical image.
Exposure Modes: Auto, Program AE, shutter and aperture priority, manual.
Metering: Multi, centre-weighted, face detection.
Shutter Speed: (Auto) 1/8 to 1/2000; (Manual) 16 to 1/2000 second.
Continuous Shooting: 6 shots at 8 fps.
Memory: micro SD, SDHC, SDXC.
Image Sizes (pixels): 4320×3240 to 1024×768.
Movies: 1920×1080 and 1280×720 (both 30fps); 640×480 (60fps) and 320×240 (30fps), 240 web.
Viewfinder: 7.6cm LCD (460,000 pixels) touch screen.
File Formats: JPEG, MPEG4.
ISO Sensitivity: Auto, 100 to 3200.
Interface: USB 2.0, AV, Wi-Fi, DC input.
Power: Rechargeable lithium ion.
Dimensions:107x62x22 WHDmm.
Weight: Approx. 226 g (ex battery).
Price: Get a price on the Samsung WB250F at Amazon.

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Barrie Smith is an experienced writer/photographer currently published in Australian Macworld, Auscam and other magazines in Australia and overseas.

Some Older Comments

  • david July 19, 2013 12:10 pm

    gerd you really didnt like this camera did you, but leaving the exact same statementt on amazon, cnet and couple others sites just feels a bit lazy

  • Gerd July 5, 2013 02:27 pm

    Where to start? Truly if there were minus stars this would be a good time to use them. Clumsy lay out ugly piece of plastic looks like it came freshly printed out of a sheep 3-D printer. Underlined by a plastic bullet screw mount that surely won’t survive more than a couple of weeks. Horrible image quality barely living up to the camera of a high class smart phone, flat washed out colours, mostly overexposed and almost never sharp. The highly praised WiFi capability is very slow often not working at all and to make matters worse every time you want to use it, lose the connection (happens about every five minutes) or simply have closed the app and want to go into it again you have to go through the entire cumbersome connection process. I promise you will be so happy that the camera came with a USB cable to use instead. You much better of, infect it works twice as good, to buy yourself a WiFi SD card.
    If you still can’t help yourself and really have to buy this camera at least choose it in white you may be lucky leaving it on your fridge one day to never see it again and if you belong to the unlucky ones like me that bought that piece of *#$$ already just use it as a sinker on your next fishing trip.

  • digiphone June 9, 2013 04:02 pm

    NearMe services similar to Huawei, "Huawei cloud", HTC's "HTC Hub" "HTC Mall" and Samsung's "Reading Circle" and other custom system built specifically for the full-service system.

  • Ben Chapman May 16, 2013 07:03 am

    The iso tests look impressive