Samsung SL720

Samsung SL720


The Samsung SL720 (named the Samsung PL70 in Europe) is the second new compact digital camera to be announced this week by Samsung. It has a more advanced spec sheet than it’s little brother with a 5x optical zoom lens (starting with a wider 28mm focal length and extending to 140mm), 12.2 megapixel image sensor and 3 inch LCD display.

The Samsung SL720 also boasts the ability to shoot HD video that allows you to ‘pause and re-record’ movies in one movie clip.


The Samsung SL720 has both optical and digital image stabilization and comes with not only face detection but face recognition (you can program it to recognize up to 20 faces which it will prioritize when you’re taking shots but also to help you find people when in playback mode).

Samsung SL720 News Release

Samsung Digital Imaging, leaders in innovation and digital imaging, today announced the release of the compact 5x optical zoom, 28mm Wide Angle PL70; a camera which combines innovative technology and user-friendly features in a streamlined, stylish package.

Take fantastic group pictures and wide landscape shots with the wide angle lens, and get closer than ever in crisp focus with the 5 x optical zoom; the perfect feature combination for amateur photographers.

HD Movie Recording
The 12 mega pixel PL70 includes HD movie capture so you can ‘Pause and Re-record’ high definition videos and super sharp movie-quality recordings in one movie clip – a Samsung patented function. It also features HDMI connectivity so you can see your video creations on the big screen via an optional cradle.

Smart Auto (Scene Recognition)
The PL70 features a 3.0” (230K) TFT LCD screen and Samsung’s new “Smart Auto” (Scene Recognition) technology which has 11 optimized picture pre-settings such as Portrait, Night portrait, Macro, Macro Colour – helping people take the perfect shot regardless of the conditions. You can also use these settings when sorting through your photos – making it quick and easy to find all the photos or videos you’ve taken.

Smart Album
The PL70 includes Samsung’s unique “Smart Album” Digital Contents Management system; a program built into the camera that significantly reduces the time it takes to find your favourite photos – so it’s quicker and easier to store and manage your photo collection. The clever navigation program automatically organizes photos based on the date they were taken, their contents, colour, or themes – so you’ll never have an excuse for losing a photo again.

Face, Smile and Blink Detection
Samsung’s Perfect Portrait System is also included in the PL70; “Face Detection” locates the subject’s face within the frame and automatically adjusts focus and exposure to ensure better composition and image quality for portraits; in “Blink Detection Mode” the camera takes a series of shots when closed eyes are detected so friends and family are always captured with their eyes open; in “Smile Mode” a picture is automatically taken when smiles are detected and, in “Beauty Shot” mode, facial skin is retouched for a brighter and smoother skin tone. Samsung’s Self Portrait is also included within the PL70 – a beep sounds when faces are positioned centrally so you don’t have to be behind the camera to take the perfect shot.

Dual Image Stabilisation
Samsung’s Dual Image Stabilization technology combines Digital and Optical image stabilisation to ensure outstanding photos without blur – even in low light conditions. Couple this with a highly sensitive ISO 3200 that offers a faster response to light, you can capture great low light shots without needing any flash.

The PL70 is available in a range of colours including red, pink and silver and has a recommended retail price of £199 from leading high street and online retailers from August 2009.

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Some Older Comments

  • TC July 21, 2009 04:26 am

    Allan, I've a feeling that you didn't really read the press release - didn't you see that it's available in a range of colours including red, pink and silver... (just kidding)

    I've just gotten a Panasonic LX3 - it's a bit big for a pocket, but it's nice when I don't want to carry the K20D around. It's supposed to the one of the best pocket cameras around, and while it's a lot better then my F50FD, it's still a far cry from being a dSLR replacement...

  • Allen Robertson July 21, 2009 12:39 am

    There have been so many of these types of cameras to come out in the last few years that news about another one fails to garner much interest. Every year the manufacturers come out with a few more features here and there but nothing really exciting. Still waiting for a camera manufacturer to come out with a rangefinder sized camera with a full frame sensor, basic features and a small zoom lens;a really good lens with a small zoom range maybe 35-90. It appears that if they get much more ambitious than that small range the quality is not very good. Make it an interchangeable lens system too.

    After using a film camera for many many years the smaller sensors leave me cold. It reminds of the time when they tried the smaller film size. Everyone knew the quality wasn't really there, panned it and it quickly died out. I keep waiting for it to happen to digital and it appears that it might slowly be getting to that point. It appears that they have squeezed about all of the quality they can out of the smaller sensor. Now they are trying to sell you on newer features. I pray they have just about reached the end of the line with the smaller little baby cameras.

    Time to put away the toys and get back to maximizing the quality. They have saturated the consumer market, which is really all those toy cameras are for, that crowd is happy with their little, cute cameras. I know the manufacturers, and their reviewer salesmen, hope that the people will buy the little ones and then move on up the line buying more and more expensive cameras as they move up. I would recommend, especially to beginners, that they save up and buy the most expensive camera they can, or charge it if you are impatient. I was given this advice when I started playing guitar. Buy the nicest, most expensive guitar you possibly can. That way it will always sound nice and you will be inspired to keep on practicing and playing; and as your playing improves the guitar will always be good enough.

    I feel,after many years of practicing photography, that the same holds true with this craft. I bought the most expensive camera I possibly could and as my photography improved my camera always kept step. There was never any disappointment in my camera. I knew that if a shot didn't look good it was because of me. As i learned more my camera actually encouraged me rather than discouraging me as of ten happens with lesser cameras.

    So Samsung if you really want to make your mark in the photographic world make the camera I described and become a leader in the market. Oh yeah and while I'm wishing for a return to photographic sanity, sell it for $1,000 too. Hey a guy can always dream can't he. I'm dreaming back to a time when a thousand bucks would get you a beautifully built solid camera that would last for 40 years if you maintained it properly; and a really high quality lens that was also solidly built and would decades. None of this plastic super light weight stuff that feels like it would shatter if you dropped it two feet. Ever pick up a Sigma DP 1? Good God what a joke and they wanted a thousand for it new. I picked it up, looked at the salesman and said,"Look how far we have regressed!"