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The Ultimate Street Camera: Ricoh Unveils an “Urban Edition” GR IIIx

Ricoh unveils an "urban edition" GR IIIx

Ricoh has announced a new version of its GR IIIx compact camera, an “Urban Edition” model designed specifically for street photography.

The original GR IIIx is already popular among street snappers thanks to its small form factor and excellent image quality, but the GR IIIx Urban Edition adds a handful of street-focused tweaks and accessories.

For one, the GR IIIx’s design has been adjusted to appeal to street photographers. The GR IIIx Urban Edition is “accented by a navy-blue ring around the lens barrel…selected to represent typical street-shooter imagery such as deep blue skies reflected in a puddle following a rainfall or the bright neon signs of a never-sleeping city.” And the camera features a “metallic gray” finish, “reminiscent of the gritty tones of the urban landscape.”

The Urban version ships with a leather hand strap, perfect for keeping the camera close while avoiding attention from passersby. Ricoh has added a black hot shoe cover to complete the low-key look.

The new model retains the best of the GR IIIx: a powerful, 24 MP APS-C sensor (impressively large for a compact, fixed-lens camera) and a high-quality, 26mm prime lens (40mm focal-length equivalent). The combination is ideal for a range of street photography, including tighter candids and portraits, wider street scenes, and even architecture-based compositions. And the camera boasts in-body image stabilization for easy handholding in low light (though you will need to be careful when photographing moving subjects).

Ricoh will also deliver a set of software upgrades with the Urban Edition GR IIIx, including a Snap Distance Priority mode and an upgraded Snapshot mode, designed to help you easily capture subjects on the move. Note that these features will be given to GR IIIx users via a free firmware update, so even if you prefer the design of the original GR IIIx, you can still take advantage of the new street-focused capabilities.

When will the GR IIIx Urban Edition be available? Ricoh promises an April 2022 release in “limited quantities,” though if you want to purchase just the camera – minus the hot shoe cover and the strap – you’ll need to wait until the summer. The Urban Edition kit will cost $1100 versus $1000 for the standard model, though the price of the body-only package is unclear.

Now over to you:

Are you interested in the GR IIIx Urban Edition? Would you pay extra for the accessories? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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