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Review of the New Nikon D5600 Camera Body

The Nikon D5000 series debuted its first camera in 2009, and since then new versions have emerged over time. Now the Nikon D5600 has been released. The series has been very popular for Nikon and this one won’t disappoint. It has many of the features that are found on previous models plus some new ones which make it even better.

Review Nikon D5600 Camera Body

The Nikon D5600 – image courtesy Nikon Australia

First Impressions of the Nikon D5600

There is nothing like getting that gold box that all Nikon cameras come in and opening it up for the first time. Inside you will find an instruction manual, eye-piece cover for doing long exposures, battery, charger, and of course, the camera.

I normally use a Nikon D800, which is a big camera, so the size of the D5600 was a real surprise to me. It is small and fits easily into my hand. It is light, and compared to many cameras is a good choice to carry around. Sitting side-by-side with a Panasonic Lumix mirrorless camera there wasn’t a lot of difference in size.

The Nikon D5600 is a DX camera body or cropped sensor, so many of the lenses for it are also light. However, you do have to be careful if you mount a full frame lens on it. They are a lot heavier and it may seem like the lens could come off. Of course, it won’t, but be aware and be careful.

Review Nikon D5600 Camera Body

The Nikon D5600 is small and not that heavy.

Using the Nikon D5600

When you get a new camera you don’t want to get it out of the box and wonder how to use it. If it seems too complicated, then you may lose interest and not want to use it anymore. Thankfully, this camera is easy. It doesn’t take much to figure out how to take photos with it.

Most of the controls are available in the menu and you get access on the LCD, which is also a touch screen. You no longer have to scroll through different settings to be able to get what you want, you can just touch it and make your changes. All the settings become buttons on the back that you touch and change, all very quickly.

Review Nikon D5600 Camera Body

Using Live View to see what you are photographing.

The D5000 series has always had a screen that you can move and change so you can see what you are doing in Live View; this one is much the same as the others. However, with it being a touch screen you do have to be careful as you can start taking photos without meaning too.

The autofocus was fast even when using it with Live View. Once you click the button there isn’t a lot of shutter lag time (time between pressing the button and the image being taken) unlike older Nikons. This makes taking photos much faster no matter how you are doing it.

Review Nikon D5600 Camera Body

Using the camera to take photos looking through the viewfinder.


Without a doubt, Live View will chew through your battery. After spending one to two hours in the city, and the following day going out to take more images, the battery started dying. You would not be able to spend all day using Live View unless you had spare batteries.

After having said that, however, when the battery indicator light starts blinking, if you turn off Live View and close the screen so you don’t get image previews you can continue taking photos and the battery will last a lot longer. You should only use Live View when you really need it.

Review Nikon D5600 Camera Body

Use Live View to take images that would otherwise be difficult to get. These statues are too high for me to get images looking through the viewfinder.

The Menu

The menu for the D5600 is very similar to other amateur-level Nikons. If you have had another in the past then navigating your way through the D5600 shouldn’t be an issue. As stated previously, it is all touch screen and makes the whole process very easy to use.

Being able to use the camera without having the manual right beside you is good. For Nikon users, you will find that the manual is not necessary, though people new to the brand may find it more difficult. The manual for this camera is very basic, and I found it hard to figure out. It is almost like it is in point form. Not the type of manual that long time users are used to.


With the 24 megapixels that this camera is capable of you are going to get larger file sizes for each image. The images are 6000 x 4000 pixels, which can mean that you can get them printed quite large. They aren’t that much smaller than those taken with full frame.

If you are shooting jpegs the images are around 6-7 MB each, Raw are around 26 MB. You have to consider this when purchasing the camera because if you shoot a lot then it is a lot of images to store. You will need to consider backup storage and a lot of it. However, it is a problem that most photographers who use digital are facing as cameras become more advanced .

Review Nikon D5600 Camera Body

The file sizes give you enough information to work with and process your images.

ISO settings

For many photographers, not having a good ISO range in the past could have been a deal breaker. But with most new cameras you get a really good range that will suit just about any situation that you find yourself shooting. The ISO range on the Nikon D5600 starts at 100 and goes up to 25,600. It is hard to imagine what you would ever use ISO 25,600 for, but it is there if you are ever in that situation.

Review Nikon D5600 Camera Body

Changing ISO quickly for indoor images is easy with the touch controls.

WiFi and Snapbridge

Like most modern cameras the Nikon D5600 does come with WiFi features. You can use it to get photos from the camera to your phone.

This is the first in the D5000 series to have Snapbridge. This is a new feature from Nikon and allows your phone and the camera to communicate via Bluetooth. It seems to work better for Apple users than Android, but Nikon does seem to favor the former more for many things.

Review Nikon D5600 Camera Body

You can use the Wifi and Snapbridge functions to get images from your camera to your phone for instant uploading to your Social Media.

Who would buy the Nikon D5600 camera?

The D5600 is not the most entry -level camera for Nikon, but one rung up the ladder. If you are just starting in photography you may think to start at the bottom. However, if you think you may really enjoy photography you would find this a great camera to learn with, and it has many features that you can grow into. It will do almost everything you ever need. The D5600 would be a great camera to start with and continue to use as you learn about photography.

It would also be a great choice for someone who wants to get back into photography and understands how a camera works. For someone who isn’t sure how often they will use it, but they want something that will give them a lot of choice, this could be the camera for them. An amateur who will go out on the weekend to shoot, but doesn’t necessarily want to get too serious will enjoy the D5600.

Review Nikon D5600 Camera Body

Great camera to walk around with in the city.


The Nikon D5600 camera would be great for many people. With all the options it offers they will likely find that they could use it for long time. With the new features that Nikon has put on this camera, it is getting more sophisticated. It is easy to use and to carry around, hard to imagine many who wouldn’t like this new camera in the D-range. The D5600 is a good update in the popular series.

Follow this link to find the specifications for D5600.

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