Facebook Pixel QR Codes for Photographers

QR Codes for Photographers

QR codes can be a great marketing tool, even if you don’t know what one is I’m sure you will have seen one on your travels. QR means Quick Response Code and is a two dimensional barcode which is very similar to the standard barcode used on general products. This QR code can hold a range of information which can be accessed using a QR reader, these readers are widely available (and free) for the majority of smart phones. Once you have downloaded a QR reader you simply take a photo of the code and the reader processes it.

QR Readers

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=la.droid.qr&hl=en?IOS: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/qr-reader-for-iphone/id368494609?mt=8

Try it yourself

So I have created this QR code that will take you to the Digital Photography School forum. If you have downloaded the QR reader for your smartphone give it ago!


When this could be useful

So we now know what a QR code is but how could it help me, a photographer?


So you have followed all of the tips and tutorials on Digital Photography School and you have decided to share your beautiful photographs in an exhibition! Great news! Why not send people invites and include a QR code that will allow people to add the event into their diary using vcalendar.

Google Ma

The venue is quite hard to find, good job you included a QR code that links to a Google map. You wouldn’t want people getting lost would you.


So people have all found the venue and a couple of people even want to buy some images. You have thought ahead and have included a QR code which is next to each photograph which takes them straight to Paypal and using a Buy Now button they can purchase the image.


Everyone that came to your event got a business card which included a QR code for them to download your VCard. A VCard contains your telephone number, address, business name, email, website address etc. Good if they want to get in contact in the future! There are loads more uses for the QR code and can be included on your business cards, flyers and I have even seen people stamp it on the back of their photographs. Other uses include linking to your Facebookpage, Linkedin, Twitter and even to send an SMS message. So if you are thinking of getting some business stationary designed why not include a QR code to give you that little bit more exposure.

Create your own

There are loads of different websites and software that will allow you to create a QR code for free. The site I normally use is http://www.qrstuff.com/.

This article was written by Chris Davidson who runs photography courses and Photoshop classes at locations around the UK.

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