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Put Your Contact Details in Your Camera

Contact-DetailsWhen travelling we tend to put our names and addresses on our suitcases and bags, but how do you do it for your camera?

You can obviously put them on your camera bag but what happens if you lose your camera or a memory card filled with precious images when your camera is not in the bag?

One suggestion that I read recently was that the first shot that you take on each memory card should be a shot of your luggage tag or business card complete with your contact details so that it has your name and contact details on it.

Similarly – I know of one photographer who has locked an image in his camera’s internal memory with his contact details. This image is never deleted as it’s locked and will be the first image anyone turning on his camera sees.

While many people would snaffle up your lost memory card (and the camera it was in if you happened to lose the whole camera) there are honest people in the world that have the technical ability and would get in touch with you.

Of course another (simpler) way might be to label your memory cards (and camera) with a sticker with your details on them. Many memory cards have a space to label them these days which could do the trick for you.

PS: of course you’ll want to put an image that people can read on your memory card/camera – unlike mine above 🙂

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Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse

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