Facebook Pixel Profoto Launches Two Amazing Lights for Smartphone Photographers

Profoto Launches Two Amazing Lights for Smartphone Photographers

Profoto Launches Two Amazing Lights for Smartphone Photographers

If you’re a smartphone photographer, then you’ve probably struggled to deal with indoor lighting. After all, smartphones don’t come with a high-quality flash; it’s easy to get noisy images when shooting indoors.

Until now.

Because Profoto has just released two lights made specifically for the smartphone: The Profoto C1 and the Profoto C1 Plus.

What are the C1 and C1 Plus?

The two items are billed as Profoto’s “very first studio lights for smartphones.” They’re small, orb-shaped lights, and they’re compact enough that you can take them anywhere without much hassle.

According to Profoto:

The light the C1 product range delivers is natural looking and beautiful with a soft, gentle fall-off…[F]rom now on you will always have natural-looking, beautiful light with you.

Note that the C1 Plus is both more expensive and more advanced than the C1. The C1 Plus includes a greater power output (4300 lumens versus 1600 lumens). The C1 Plus also includes a thread mount, so you can screw the light onto a stand and shoot with both hands. And the C1 Plus features better battery life than the C1.

Both the C1 and the C1 Plus offer rechargeable batteries. They also include multiple modes for increased flexibility: a continuous shooting mode and a flash mode. To use the Profoto lights, you can pair them with your smartphone via the special Profoto Camera app. Then you can take photos that are synced with the Profoto flash.

The Profoto C1 costs $299, while the Profoto C1 Plus costs $499.

But just who are these lights for?

If you like to use your smartphone on the fly, without any preparation, then I’d recommend against the Profoto C1. Despite its small size, you probably don’t want to carry the flash with you constantly. But if you’re the type of shooter who often shoots in low-light situations or prefers to capture more carefully considered shots, then the Profoto C1 could be exactly what you need.

If the Profoto C1 captures your attention, then you should also check out another product: The Godox R1, which was announced a few hours after the C1/C1 Plus announcement. The Godox light is similar to the C1 and C1 Plus, though it offers slightly different lighting options. For those hoping to purchase the Godox R1, keep an eye out for a release date!

Would you use either of these lights? what are your thoughts? Share with us in the comments!

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