Facebook Pixel Product Review: Lightscoop

Product Review: Lightscoop

IMG_1886Do you hate the look of on camera pop-up flash? Do you avoid taking photos indoors because of harsh shadows and completely insane looking eyes? Fret no longer – Professor Kobre’s got your back.

Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop is an amazing little invention. Another of those ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’ moments. It’s a perfectly angeled mirror which attaches to your camera’s hot-shoe and bounces the light from your pop-up off of the wall and ceiling behind you, spreading the light evenly instead of shooting it at your subject head-on.

Before the Lightscoop, I would take indoor pictures by bouncing a Speedlite off of nearby walls and ceilings. The downside of this is the heavy bulk, the amount of batteries needed and constantly thinking about where my flash was pointing instead of thinking about my subject. And for a mom who sometimes just wants to take pic of the kids, the Lightscoop is the perfect solution.


A few bullet points about the Lightscoop:

  • The website has a list of compatable cameras. My 7D wasn’t on the list, but it fits perfectly. And since Sony tries to be sneaky and make a hotshoe in their own funny shape & size, they make one especially for Sony cameras.
  • The Lightscoop isn’t for use outdoors. It is only a solution for indoor pop-up flash problems.
  • You need to make sure you’re positioned with a wall behind you. For example, if you have a window behind you, the light won’t bounce back to your subject.
  • There are two options: the original scoop and the warming scoop.
  • The Lightscoop is so affordable in comparison to other light solutions.
  • When you flip your camera sideways (portrait orientation) the Lightscoop produces amazing studio-effect light and gorgeous catchlights.

My observations:

  • The Lightscoop was really easy to attach and fit perfectly on my hotshoe, but I would recommend closing your pop-up before trying to take it off because I have to yank it a bit.
  • While this is only for indoor use, you could easily bounce it off of a building behind you, a reflector someone was holding or even a tree. Get out there and see what you can come up with!

I used to be a gal who spent all my pennies on shoes. Now I wear the same shoes everyday and obsesses over the next aquisition for my photographic collection. And the Lightscoop? Well, let’s just say it’s a Jimmy Choo!

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