What are Your Predictions for the Future of Photography?


Photography is an ever changing art form and technology. But what is in store for us in terms of the future of photography?

10 Predictions

In this video from the guys over at COOPH they offer up 10 predictions for the future of photography. See what you think.

What are your predictions? Do you agree with their assessments? What else do you think might be coming down the pike? How will drones play into things?

Tell us your thoughts on the future of photography and let’s discuss in the comments section below.

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  • Neil P

    Future of Photography
    As an electronic engineer I have seen electronics shrink from something the size of a room to the size of a matchbox and with many times more power. I see camera’s shrinking as the electronics is miniturised further and even embeded onto a flat surface. I dont believe that len’s will change much and instead of attaching a lens to the camera, you will attach the camera to the lens. Imagine a camera the size of a matcg box which automatically send the phot to the cloud as it is taken.

  • John Donaldson

    Of all of those predictions the only one that interests me is better lenses. I can dream about a small f1.2 10-400mm super sharp lens can’t I.

  • Roberto

    Maybe the lenses with a sensor would be independent of the hardware with the procesor and memory. Having a lens with something ergonomic that would transmit the images to whatever smartphone you have and transmit that information as you say to the cloud, and maybe to a local storage device.

  • Dennis Weinman

    Once cell phone cameras are able to zoom to about 300mm without attaching any added lens and not loosing any quality the DSLR will be obsolete.

  • walwit

    Very interesting subject, and very fine video, thank you Darlene, my prediction is… is more a wish than a prediction: I’d like a camera that will take the photo as I wish, as I imagine it with something better and faster than menus and settings as they are today.

  • Neil P

    What about decent macro. a single lens will not be able to cope with everything.

  • I think the Eye cam is going to be the wave of the future. Think “Six Million Dollar Man.” You will be able to zoom in at full resolution and snap the image by a controlled blink or just a thought. The image will be transferred to the cloud which you can access anywhere. You may need a new eyeball to do all that however! lol

  • Grace LC

    Cell phone cameras will never be as good as interchangeable lens cameras due to the size of their sensors.

  • Michael

    What is the doctor’s name that is making the camera with no moving parts?

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