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Posing Tips – Waistlines, Thighs and Bustlines

posing tips for waistlines, thighs, and bustlines

Learn a few tips from red carpet celebrities on how to get your subjects looking their best when photographing them.


Here’s a quick posing tip if your subject is a little conscious of their waistline and want it to appear a little narrower than it really is (I’d put that at about 90% of us).

Get them to rotate their upper body slightly at the waist and you’ll find that it gives the impression of a thinner tummy area. It’s amazing what a simple twist can do! This is a popular technique with many red carpet celebs.


Another popular red carpet pose involves celebrities crossing one leg over in front of the other one. This has the effect of narrowing the thigh region a little (and/or making the celebrity look like they need a bathroom break).


Lastly, if you want to emphasize the bustline of your subject, get them to arch their shoulders back a little. This action naturally pushes the chest out a touch.

Of course combining these three techniques in the one shot can also leave your subject looking quite silly and needing a trip to the chiropractor! Use them with moderation or you’ll end up with a very unnatural looking pose.

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