Portraits Competition Winners

Portraits Competition Winners


Over the month of October DPS has been holding its first ever photography competition.

The response by readers was more than we were expecting. Over 2000 images were entered (you can see them all here) and and the standard of some of the shots were quite amazing.

Our judging panel of four was faced with an almost impossible task but did an amazing job of wading through each entry and came up with the following three images as their favorites (ordered from first place to third place).

The winners are:

First place – Kimrose

Second Place – Mords

Third Place – Jeremy Hall

Holding this competition was a massive effort and we learned a lot in doing it.

Photrade was gracious enough to host it for us and while there were a few teething issues with people being able to log in we got there in the end and hopefully will be able to build on the experience for next time we run this type of competition (we’ll approach a few things differently).

Thanks to all those who entered, voted and especially to our team of judges who joined me in this task – Sime, Linda and Nathan. I’ve messaged each of the winners on Photrade with details of how we’ll get you the prize. Check your inboxes!


Canon-XsiHere are the three prizes that our winners have won.

First prize is a choice of either a Nikon D60 or a Canon XSi (pictured above). Both of these DSLRs get great reviews and are the ideal way to step into the world of DSLR. If you’ve already got a DSLR they’d make a great second body or a gift to that special person in your life!

Second prize is a Canon Powershot SD850 IS. This very popular point and shoot camera is small and produces great results. It’d make a great back up camera if you don’t want to haul your DSLR with you or even a primary camera if you’re in need of an update.

Crumpler-5-MillionThird Prize is a Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home camera bag (pictured right).

This bag is ideal if you need a shoulder bag that provides a protective environment for your camera equipment, especially if you need one that doesn’t scream photo bag.

Part of the Million Dollar Home Range of camera bags, the 5 Million Dollar Home has a padded interior with configurable dividers and sturdy base layer. Equipped with an adjustable removable strap and water resistant shell means this bag is the perfect travel companion for your photo gear.

A special thanks to Photrade for putting up the first prize and to Crumpler for putting up the third prize!

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Darren Rowse is the editor and founder of Digital Photography School and SnapnDeals. He lives in Melbourne Australia and is also the editor of the ProBlogger Blog Tips. Follow him on Instagram, on Twitter at @digitalPS or on Google+.

Some Older Comments

  • jego December 9, 2008 05:33 am

    I just re-visited the site and it shows the original 2nd & 3rd placers moved up to 1st and 2nd...what happened to kimrose's scarf as 1st? Just curious.
    congrats to all winners!

  • Sime November 8, 2008 05:20 am

    I think I'll start a post on the forum, but - as you wanted to know what other photos I loved, let me start with this one...



  • kimrose November 6, 2008 11:32 am

    Wow! Thank you so much! I am beyond excited to have won and thank you all for such amazing comments. And congrats to the others that placed!! There were a lot of really outstanding entries in this contest!

    @ alaricxyz, this is my flickr account:


  • Rohit P Toppo November 6, 2008 06:41 am

    Congratulations to the winners...n especially to all who put up d many wonderful pix out here...was enlightening experience going through em...

  • Jeremy Hall November 6, 2008 01:03 am

    @alaricxyz Here is my flickr account:



  • Sime November 5, 2008 06:39 pm

    Beholder... There are many factors that went into judging a competition like this one. (Well, there were for me) The main one being how the photo made me feel - what it said to me. (Aside from technical stuff)

    You're right, there were MANY very good photos, another of my faves I tried to go back and find to link to here, Something up with the photrade site - I can't find it. I'll try again.

    Again - well done to the winners.


  • Don November 5, 2008 06:07 pm

    Congrats to all the winners!

  • Gayle November 5, 2008 05:41 pm

    Congratulations to all the winners of this competiton, great photos. Well done. And congratultions to Darren & his team @ DPS for their wonderful effort in running this comp & this site.

  • alaricxyz November 5, 2008 03:44 pm

    Deserving winners! Nice job, judges! ^_^
    Can you put up their flickr sites? Coz photrade ain't worth looking at for me. I'm sure those winners have a flickr page. :-D

  • Beholder November 5, 2008 02:54 am

    Please tell me the points which made these three photos win
    over the others.There were a lot of great and unusual shots
    and yet they were not even mentioned nor commended.

  • Sagar November 4, 2008 08:31 pm

    well done winners........ I really liked a lot the first one,others are also good enough
    and congrats for completion of successful competition..

    looking forward for more such competitions ...
    keep it up DPS

  • Kunal Daswani November 4, 2008 03:57 pm

    Congrats to all the winners! Thanks dareen and phototrade! cheers!!

  • Sarah November 4, 2008 02:38 pm

    Congratulations to the winners!! They were all incredible photos. I'd love to see some honorable mentions also (actually, I was hoping for 1! *L*) But I'd definitely love to see more competitions like this one!!

  • abacusv November 4, 2008 01:55 pm

    Amazing snaps and I'm sure judging them would have been an impossible task.

    Congratulations to all the winners!!.

  • switch.au November 4, 2008 01:19 pm

    First of all Congratulations to all winners.

    I just hope that next time such a contest is run, other service than photrade will be used.

    I have submitted my photo (finally after 2 days of trying and sending emails to photrade, which were ignored) I have submitted my photo. Now when I log in, and click on my submissions... it is not there... what is going on?

    I wanted to have a look to make sure it is not there but after page 40 photrade decided to stop loading...

  • Sime November 4, 2008 10:54 am

    ...err, ronnie - I think you'll find they would - here.

    hanks for your comment, if you don't agree with the outcome - feel free to get in touch (not that it will change anything, but I'd like your thoughts on the matter)


  • Tug November 4, 2008 10:27 am

    Congrats to the winners - there were some amazing shots submitted!

  • ronnie November 4, 2008 10:21 am

    Those 3 photo would not win a contest anywhere.

  • Greg November 4, 2008 08:57 am

    This was truly an awesome thing to do.
    I normally have nothing to do but this contest kept me busy. Unfortunatley I didn't win, but now I've learned what it takes to win.

    We should have more competitions, definatley. and the honorable mentions thing would be really nice, because there were some photos that were sublime.

  • Jeanette November 4, 2008 05:47 am

    congrats!! What stunning photos!

  • rowell November 4, 2008 04:41 am

    Congratulations to the winners! I love the creative of the first place, kimrose. Having a contest like this really gets the community involved.

  • Jeremy Hall November 4, 2008 02:38 am

    Thanks for the recognition, I am flattered to have placed. The popular vote side of the competition did have it's bugs, but I hope Photrade was able to learn some things from it during their beta period. Congrats to the 1st and 2nd place photos - excellent images!

  • k9mom November 4, 2008 02:20 am

    Congrats to the winners - excellent choices, judges! I can't even imagine having to pick just three from 2,000 entries!

  • Fletch November 4, 2008 01:57 am

    "Icefreez Says:
    Ohh one more thing, in the future would you consider offering prizes for gift certificates for say B&H photo or perhaps some other photography site. That way the winners can pick from a variety of prizes should they win. Just a though."

    I actually like the idea of an entry level DSLR being the prize. It stops the real pros or serious amatuers entering who already have all the gear. Gift vouchers would effectively be cash prizes to some and in the UK we have different stores to you.

  • pkd14u November 4, 2008 01:17 am

    Awesome choices for the wins! What a task to have to choose out of all those photos. Thanks for hosting this contest, it was fun to see the photos as they were entered.

  • Icefreez November 4, 2008 01:16 am

    Ohh one more thing, in the future would you consider offering prizes for gift certificates for say B&H photo or perhaps some other photography site. That way the winners can pick from a variety of prizes should they win. Just a though.

  • Icefreez November 4, 2008 01:15 am

    Congrats to the winners. I am looking forward to future contests. :)

  • Sime November 4, 2008 12:58 am

    Let me be the first to congratulate you guys. There were so many entries to go through and with such a great standard of entries, it was a tough one.

    As Darren mentioned, there were a few issues with the website throughout the competition, so thanks for be so patient with us in our first "larger scale" competition.

    Thanks everyone for your participation.


  • Takashy November 4, 2008 12:53 am

    Congratulations to all !! The winner photos trully deserve the prize.

    It was really interesting to participate in this your first contest. Keep this way !!

  • cristiano007 November 4, 2008 12:28 am

    Congratulations to all the participants! Why not to publish some honorable mentions to motivate more people? I remember many wonderful photos, I'm sure you can find 25,50, even 100 great ones to show up! And let's keep this new community alive by commenting and sharing...