Facebook Pixel Poll update - what post production software do you use the most?

Poll update – what post production software do you use the most?

We ran this poll last in September 2011, so I thought it was time for an update to see if there have been any changes since last time. I’m especially curious about any Adobe offerings since the Creative Cloud too affect. Has that swayed your software choice?

Tell us what post production software you use the most. If you use more than one, indicate the one you use most often, for most of your editing needs. For example I use Lightroom and Photoshop CC, but LR5 is my primary tool as I use it for 90% of my editing.

By filling this in you will also be giving us direction in what types of articles and tutorials we post in the future. So please share and add a comment below if you want to give us additional information.

>I’ve included the eight most popular tools mentioned last time we asked this question to readers (I’ve combined all Photoshop versions into one for simplicity). I know others of you use Noise Ninja, Bibble Pro, ACDSee and others – feel free to tick the ‘others’ option and tell us in comments below what ‘other’ one you’ve chosen.

If you use more than one feel free to tell us about that too.

What Post-Production Software do you use the Most?

  • Lightroom (40%, 20,817 Votes)
  • Photoshop CS or Creative Cloud (20%, 10,333 Votes)
  • Photoshop Elements (12%, 6,030 Votes)
  • Picasa (7%, 3,457 Votes)
  • Aperture (5%, 2,745 Votes)
  • Gimp (4%, 2,063 Votes)
  • Paintshop Pro (3%, 1,471 Votes)
  • iPhoto (4%, 1,831 Votes)
  • Other (5%, 2,675 Votes)

Total Voters: 51,401

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