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Pigeon Point Lighthouse: Behind this Long Exposure Image

This image by Tyler Westcott has always been popular here on dPS in our 15 Stunning Examples of Long Exposure Photography article. In fact it is an image that always causes a little debate about it’s authenticity. Below is the backstory:

As Tyler explains on his Flickr page – the image was shot in 2007 at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse where once per year they switch on the original 1 kilowatt lamp from 135 years ago which is much brighter than the modern light in it. The light rotates but for the first 5 minutes they keep it static which is why you get the effect that you see here in this shot.

The exposure of this image was 2 minutes (114 seconds to be exact) with an extra 2 minutes of noise reduction in camera – so given he only had 5 minutes for shooting it was a one chance in 365 days kind of image. The fact that it was a foggy night helped too! We think Tyler did a remarkable job!

The image was shot on a Nikon D40 with a focal length of 10mm and an ISO of 200.

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