Facebook Pixel Save 88% on 200 Photography Assignments that Inspire, Motivate and Teach

Save 88% on 200 Photography Assignments that Inspire, Motivate and Teach

If you learn more efficiently (and have more fun with your photography) when you’re out shooting versus sitting somewhere reading about it, then this photography learning aid was designed for YOU.

One of the most popular photography training aids we’ve ever promoted have been the Snap Cards and Action Cards from Photzy – thousands of dPS readers have enjoyed these in the past. If you’re new to dPS or missed out last time, then you’re in luck, because Brett from Photzy has an exclusive offer for dPS readers over the next week.

This is an affiliate partnership with Photzy. dPS receives a commission when you purchase via our special offer links.

The Photzy Action Cards are 65 beautifully designed & printable project sheets that will give you over 200 photography assignments, covering everything you can imagine!

Save 88% on 200 Photography Assignments that Inspire, Motivate and Teach

Brett’s idea for the Action Cards was sparked by a woman’s comment to him at a camera club meeting.

“I wish that I could have a workshop in a box. So that I could just open the box and participate when I felt like I had the time and the energy.”

So Photzy set out to create something that will educate and motivate you, provide you with direction, and help you to learn through actionable photography assignments.

The full set of Action Cards include:

34 composition Action Cards aimed toward assisting you in fully understanding the various rules, tools, and concepts of composition. Some example assignments:

  • S and Z Curves
  • Dynamic Angles
  • Juxtaposition
  • Spirals
  • Visual Weight and Direction

Just as we all ‘see’ differently – we also all work differently. This is your chance to discover which composition tools fit your style.

31 genre Action Cards which allow you to test the waters for 31 different genres of photographic imaging – by completing specific tasks and photo assignments in each genre – and help you uncover your ‘place’ in the photographic world. Some example assignments:

  • Creating jaw-dropping landscape photography
  • Creating beautifully executed high key photography
  • Creating true minimalist photography
  • How to create portraits of newborns
  • Creating meaningful travel photographs

Perhaps you’ll discover your natural tendencies reveal themselves better through outstanding flower photography versus newborn portrait photography.

We believe this new training tool will be exactly what many of you need to motivate and guide you on an experience of personal photographic discovery all on your own. Armed with these cards you’re guaranteed to be on a fast path to ‘expanding’ your shooting skills and mastering photography in 2020 and beyond.

Learn more and buy your Action Cards here


We always get a great deal of interest in Photzy’s Action Cards and naturally lots of questions. Photzy have helped us answer them for you.

Q: Are the Action Cards different to the SNAP Cards?

Yes! They are completely different.

The SNAP! Card line was developed to present small easily digestible photographic lessons that you could consume virtually anywhere. Like Cheat Sheets…

The ACTION! Card line is geared towards the individual that prefers to learn by engaging in self-assigned photographic activities. A learning element is included, but the primary purpose of the product is to motivate you to learn through an actionable assignment and review process.

Q: Is this a downloadable file, or will I receive the printed cards in the mail?

You will be receiving a downloadable PDF file of the cards, for you to print out at home or download to your mobile device. This means you can access them anytime anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about losing them.

In just MINUTES from right now… You could be well on your way to taking your photography to the next level. No need to wait for shipping!

Go here now to grab your copy of the cards

Q: Why should I print these out?

Be honest – How many times have you downloaded a guide and never actually read it?

We’ve found that printing materials ensures you actually go on to read the content. Simply put– if you print it out, you are far more likely to take ACTION, and get RESULTS. That’s important to us.

Q: Are these Action Cards for beginners?

These cards are designed to cater for photographers of all levels. If you’re a beginner, these cards are going to work wonders for you with a whole range of material to sink your teeth into. If you’re a professional looking to extend your range of skills – we’ve got you covered too.

Get your copy here now

Q: Will this work for my camera?

While some of the settings information on the genre cards will of course not be useful depending on your chosen camera. 95% of the information on the Action Cards are not camera specific. So whether you are shooting on a DSLR, Mirrorless, or even an iPhone, you will find these incredibly to improve your photography skills.

Q: Is there a guarantee?


In fact, when you claim your copy of The Action Cards, you have a full 365 days to decide whether or not you want to keep it. Meaning – you get an entire year to try them out…

And if for ANY reason, you decide the cards don’t work for you, simply contact Photzy for a full, prompt refund… No questions asked and no hassles.

Q. How do I buy the Action Cards?

For one week only Photzy is offering dPS readers access to this practical training tool for just $37USD. At $5 per card the full set is valued at $325USD, so that’s 88% off.

Here’s where you can take advantage of this risk-free trial of the cards:

Click Here to Try The Action Cards TODAY

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