Facebook Pixel Photography Web Marketing Guide by Zach Prez - eBook review

Photography Web Marketing Guide by Zach Prez – eBook review

Photography Web Marketing Guide by Zach Prez – e-book review

Photography Web Marketing Guide by Zach Prez - eBook reviewI first heard about Zach Prez when he was interviewed by Frederick Van Johnson for an episode of the TWIP podcast (This Week In Photography). The interview caught my attention right away. How often do you get tips about web marketing that are targeted specifically for the photography industry? After listening to the podcast, I quickly signed up for the free web marketing class offered by Zach Prez through a weekly lesson by email. Then I got more in depth information by reading one of his e-books titled ‘Photography Web Marketing Guide’. Zach has been working in web marketing for 10 years and has consulted with dozens of photography website companies. He is the author of several e-books and also offers one on one phone call coaching sessions.

I was half expecting a lengthy book with technical data but I was nicely surprised! The book covers four essential areas to grow your customer base online. The tips are easy to understand and to implement. Each section is short and to the point.

The first chapter is about Design. Zach compares your home page to a store front at a shopping mall. What is going to make the people want to enter that store, browse for a while and make a purchase? Is your home page designed in a way to make your potential customers want to see more and hire you for the job? The authors backs up his analogy with easy to implement tips on style, effective fonts and colors, reducing loading time, etc.

In the second part you will learn about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. How to find the best keywords and optimize your website to score a high ranking on Google and other search engines.

Social Media is the topic of the third chapter. The author looks at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr and analyses how each one can help you expand your online reach and, in the end, grow your profits.

The fourth and final chapter of the e-book is about email marketing. Zach gives valuable tips on how to use powerful subject lines to convince your subscribers that your email is worth opening. He also raises the value of choosing a template design that allows the important content to be seen first as well as the importance of a professional email system.

The ebook ends with a complete checklist summary for each of the four areas to grow traffic and clients online.

Whether you are planning to have your first photography website or you have an established web presence, I would highly recommend this book if you are running any type of photography business.

Time for me to go and implement several of the valuable tips I learned in the book!

The e-book is available for download at $29 USD. To read more about Zach Prez and order the book simply click here: Photography Web Marketing Guide.

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