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Photographer Captures Spectacular Wedding Photo with Wildfire Backdrop [Updated]

This image by photographer Josh Newton certainly caused a real stir on Facebook today with thousands of shares and comments.


While only shot with his phone Josh managed to capture the scene with his pro gear – we can’t see what they turned out like!

Here’s his story behind the shot:

Yesterday’s wedding is definitely one for the books. About 11am, a small brush fire turned into a giant wildfire about 6 miles from the ceremony site.

The wedding was at 4, and everyone was setup. Right as the bride was about to walk down, a firetruck came in sirens blaring and told the bride we had to evacuate.

In tears, her father announced to all the guests that we had to move the wedding. Incredibly, the fireman then told us we could have the ceremony and then had to leave. I’ve never seen anything like what happened next.

Everyone moved the entire wedding to a park in Bend, all with smiles and good attitudes. It showed everyone at the wedding what really mattered – the people and the couple. The location change didn’t affect the wedding at all, it was the most beautiful day.

In planning my own wedding, it was an incredible reminder to really value and cherish the most important things in life.

While the guests, caterers, and DJ all moved to Drake Park and setup, we snuck away and got some of the most incredible wedding photos I’ve ever taken. This is just with my phone, but can’t wait to show you all the rest.

Of course fires like this one are serious business and our thoughts go out to those impacted by it. We just thought this a great example of someone making the best of a tough situation. We hope all impacted by this fire are safe!


The full set of images from this spectacular wedding photography shoot are now out and they’re pretty amazing.

View More: http://joshnewton.pass.us/aprilandmichael

See the full set of images from the wedding on Josh’s site here.