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Photoblog of the Week – rgbthere

When I asked a few DPS readers for their favorite photobloggers, one name came up a few times – Troy Ringley from rgbthere. The interesting thing was the when I visited his blog he’d not updated it for some time. On the surface it looks a little stagnant – but dig under the surface a little and you’ll find some wonderful photography.

Troy’s been kind enough to tell us about the gear he uses as well as to share a tip on producing good nature images. He’s also given us this wonderful image. Now if only we could get him posting a little more often!


Troy’s Gear

I am a devoted Canon user, progressing from the EOS1 to the 1n to the EOS3 and now that I have switched to digital, to the 10D and 20D models. I use both Canon and Tamron lenses ranging from 11mm to 400mm. My primary wildlife lens is a Canon EF300 F2.8 that I couple with a Canon 2X tele-converter. Being very much into macro photography, my macro kit consists of the Canon 100mm and Canon 50mm macros and the Tamron 180mm macro. The Tamron 180 macro is the lens I reach for most often. I carry my my gear in a Lowe Pro Mini-Trekker.

Troys Tip

My tip is a simple one but paramount to producing good nature images. Get a sturdy but comfortable tripod and use it faithfully. Check the manufacturer’s specs before buying to be certain it is rated to hold your heaviest gear. Make sure the legs extend to a height that is comfortable for you in a standing position. I prefer a tripod that will also lower to ground level so mine lacks a center column to interfere with that purpose. My recommendation is a Gitzo CF1325. I have used mine for years and consider it a standard part of my kit.

Attached photo: That’s a Mouthful, Canon 300 F2.8 + 2x tele-converter

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