Facebook Pixel Photo Composition Tips from Bob Holmes - Composition in Travel Photos

Photo Composition Tips from Bob Holmes – Composition in Travel Photos

Who better to get photo composition tips from than four-time Travel Photographer of the Year award-winner, Bob Holmes? He shares some techniques you can use to work with composition and take better photos, no matter where your travels may take you.

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Bob has been all over the world, and his travel photos have appeared in National Geographic, Departures, and 46 books as the sole photographer. Working outdoors on most of his trips, Holmes is an expert at using natural lighting in photos.

He loves looking for composition that grabs you, and his unique tip is that you need to “get in the zone” and be fully responsible for everything in the frame. The key to learning composition is to practice – you can’t become a great photographer in a week, but you will get there by shooting as much as you can.

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Watch this video interview I did with Bob Holmes, then look below the video for more helpful resources.

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