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Panoramic Printing Options On The Web

Northhead Lighthouse

North Head Lighthouse, Washington - Copyright Hidden Creek Photography

A while back I posted some tips on Digital Photography School entitled 8 Guidelines To Taking Panoramic Photos With Any Camera, followed by 20 Great Stitched Panorama Examples and lastly Creating Panoramas With hugin Photo Stitcher.  All of these panorama posts generated quite a few comments, including a number of questions on where to get panorama prints made.

Here then is a round up of some of the more popular online photo printers that offer panoramic prints.  I’m only including the height sizes offered as various vendors offer variable widths.  This allows for flexibility when creating panoramas.

Name Height Sizes Price (USD unless noted) Finishes Ships To
ezprints 6″-30″ (15cm-76cm) $2.50 – $792 Glossy, Matte USA
MPix 5″ (13cm) $11-$14 Glossy,Metallic, Lustre USA,Canada
AdoramaPix 4″, 6″ (10cm, 15cm) $1.24-$4 Glossy, Metallic, Matte, Lustre USA
Nations Photo Lab 8″,10″,12″ (20cm,25cm,30cm) $8-$18 Lustre, Metallic USA
Panoramas4U 2″+  (5cm+) £2+ Not Stated UK
PosterXXL 8″-59″ (20cm-150cm) £5-£270 Glossy, Lustre UK
PanoPrint 6″-12″ (15cm-30cm) £40-£70 Satin UK
Panophotos 4″-14.5″ (10cm-37cm) £15-£80 Not Stated Europe
Photoartomation 20″ (50cm) $130 Standard, Laminated USA + World

On thing I realized when doing this research is that it’s hard to find a good turnkey printer for panoramic prints.  Many other sites offer the ability if you call or send your files in on disc, especially in Europe and Australia.  Compared to two years ago, though, the number of online retail outfits is growing which is an encouraging sign for those of us who like our images large!

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