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Overview of Some of the New Features of Photoshop CC June 2014

Photoshop_CC_icon.pngRecently Adobe announced their newest incarnation of their flagship product, Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC). Some of the new things look really interesting and I can see a lot of applications for them.

In this video French photographer Serge Ramelli goes over some of the new features that you may find useful including:

  • selections based on focus area
  • new spin blur and path blur
  • content aware fill improvements (added color tone consideration)
  • warp tool improvements

For a more extensive list of the new features let’s hear what Adobe instructor Julieanne Kost has to say in this official video from Adobe:

For a full list of all the new features and changes visit the Adobe website.

When Adobe first introduced their Cloud membership program there was a lot of backlast from photographers. You can no longer just buy Photoshop, you have to buy into the monthly option, and many photographers found it more expensive ($49 USD/month for the whole Creative Suite or $29.99 just for Photoshop) than simply upgrading once every two years, or every second version.

Adobe’s listened and responded with the Photoshop Photography program, which at the time of this article is $9.99/month USD and as of June 18th is available to anyone, amateur or pro. That price will get you both Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 (the current version).

Where do you you stand on this?

Do you use Photoshop?

Have you upgraded to the Cloud or are you hanging on to an older version? Is there a new feature that puts it over the top for you to take the plunge?

Let us know where you stand on this issue and what software you plan to use moving forward.

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